SiteGround Review: 7 important points to know (2021 Customer Reviews)

Why SiteGround reputation is too high?


Great Speed, 99.99% up-time from last 24 months, never disappoint 24/7 customer support, killer security features, easy to use what else you want from your hosting provider. I personally using SiteGround from last 5+ years I have no big reason to reject SiteGround services.

  • Pricing
  • Features
  • Speed
  • Up-time
  • Security
  • Easy to Use
  • Support

I must say if you go with SiteGround hosting you get guaranteed satisfaction in terms of support, performance and security but you are not getting free domain and need to pay renewal prices too high but if you rely thinking long term go with SiteGround without wasting your time on finding elsewhere.

About SiteGround

With top rated support, speed and up-time rating SiteGround floating top and justifying their market reputation with great hosting services and specially for WordPress hosting which makes them almost top competitor.

I test each hosting provider before review them based on response time (page load speed), up-time, security, support, usability (easy to use?), features and pricing I found in all 6 out of 7 important points SiteGround is on top without a doubt, I’ve never enjoyed such review where I am able to recommend such hosting provider in introduction.

SiteGround is founded in Bulgaria by few friends around 2004 after their start they are also an average hosting providers but from last 4-5 years they took lead in terms of customer support, server performance and unbeatable up-time guarantee you may not find anywhere else I am that impressed.


SiteGround providing great speed and up-time to their client behind the scene they covered the world by building datacenters around the world.

SiteGround has 5 main datacenters which includes 2 USA, 2 Europe and 1 Asia datacenter to cover 3 main continents.

Nearer datacenter really helps to improve response speed, With SiteGround you have full freedom to choose your favorite datacenter to get maximum performance benefits.

SiteGround Uses Data Centers on 3 Continents



Each time if you are new or advanced user when finding for hosting provider you will see what others opinion about particular services same do I.

But it is hard to find best advice from the internet because there is mixed opinions which create another confusion who is legit and fake?

When I started hosting review I was also confused who is right or wrong so I decided to define the definition based on available proofs of service and gather other proofs by self like for support I tried their live chat to check how long it will take and how far they can answer my question which starts from simple questions end at hard technical queries.

I am working as web programmer from last 10 years and in these years I come across with 60+ hosting providers and having 40+ active hosting accounts which all I am tracking for speed and up-time from last 5 years that data is rely helpful to provide you guys states of the hosting providers.

Also I will reveal each hidden agenda of the hosting provider which is rely helpful before you dive in with tight budget.

Few more points which I will review and discuss here like money back guarantee, important features and how user friendly services are?

Who Should Consider SiteGround?

SiteGround is huge but their main focus is on small websites and business, yes no doubt they have plans for each category if you want to create simple 5 page website or capable to handle 5 million visitors website SiteGround has a plan for you.

Their main focus to provide indomitable WordPress hosting services because WordPress is the CMS leader from last decade.

If you are thinking to create website using WordPress without wasting your time go with SiteGround because it is not only me who is recommended as well.


SiteGround Response Time

I do not consider response time performance test in small scale so I doing continuously from last 5 years I give you here last 24 months response time report which actually is good enough to establish trust on particular hosting server performance.

SiteGround is rely impressive in terms of average response time (page load speed) is 676 ms which actually average industry speed.

Website speed is most important part to go with hosting provider if it is high you get huge loss on search engine results position because google wants to serve their visitors fast loading content.

The research says 53% users leave your website if it didn’t loaded within 3 seconds.

Checkout following chart which give you SiteGround’s last 24 months response time history.

They have multiple datacenters which all have different response time but above is the long term average response time see bellow image which shows response time by country where US, Canada is beating all other countries with 3 ms and 1 ms response time.

Rated A+ (Avg Speed 129ms)


SiteGround Up-time Peformance

Up-time is another reason to get better rank on search engines.

Search engines are working 24/7 without break but if your site took a break (server down time) and search engines are looking for your website content to update but same time your server is down you can understand search engine will continue with others website so basically you missed the opportunity to list your content prior then others.

SiteGround is out of the box I haven’t seen such up-time states from any other hosting providers only fewer which are near by but not equal.

See your self last 24 months up-time history report of SiteGround hosting server.

99.99% up-time from last 24 months this is great achievement by SiteGround.


SiteGround Hosting Plans and Pricing

SiteGround is mainly know for their great performing shared hosting plans they also provide WordPress, WooCommerce and Cloud Hosting plans and for who don’t want to share their system resources have Dedicated Server option too.

Shared Hosting Plans

SiteGround has 3 shared hosting plans StartUp, GrowBig and GoGeek.
You can start with StartUp and can upgrade anytime as per your requirement based on traffic flow.

Plan NameSpaceSuitable ForPanelNumber of SitesPrice
StartUp10 GB10,000 Visits/mocPanel1 $3.95/mo
GrowBig20 GB25,000 Visits/mocPanelUnlimited $5.95/mo
GoGeek30 GB100,000 Visits/mocPanelUnlimited $11.95/mo
Web Hosting Crafted For Top Website Performance Speed

SiteGround Cloud Hosting Plans

You have 4 option to choose your cloud hosting Entry, Business, Business Plus and Enterprise starting at $80/mo.

Plan NameSpaceSuitable ForCPUMemoryPrice
Entry Cloud40 GB5 TB2 CPU Cores4 GB $80/mo
Business Cloud60 GB5 TB3 CPU Cores6 GB $120/mo
Business Cloud Plus80 GB5 TB4 CPU Cores8 GB $160/mo
Enterprise Cloud120 GB5 TB8 CPU Cores10 GB $240/mo
Cloud Hosting – High Performance And Reliability

SiteGround Dedicated Server Plans

There is no cheap dedicated server plans if you are looking for cheap dedicated hosting server go with InterServer or inMotion Hosting.

SiteGround has 3 dedicated server plan Entry, Power and Super Power starting at $269.00/mo.

Plan NameSpaceSuitable ForCPUMemoryPrice
Entry Server480GB SSD10 TB4 CPU Cores16GB DDR3 RAM $269.00/mo
Power Server960GB SSD10 TB4 CPU Cores32GB DDR3 RAM $349.00/mo
Super Power Server2x960GB SSD in RAID110 TB2 x 6 CPU Cores64GB DDR3 RAM $729.00/mo
SiteGround – Premium Managed Dedicated Servers

SiteGround Managed WordPress Plans

SiteGround WordPress includes and shared hosting having a same resources if you purchase shared hosting everything will be same on purchase of WordPress hosting plan from price to features.

SiteGround eCommerce Hosting Plans

You get multiple eCommerce hosting plans from SiteGround like WooCommerce, Magento and PrestaShop hosting which all have same resources and price from shared hosting basically these all are shared hosting nothing will change if you go with shared hosting or any other CMS hosting plan.


SiteGround Features

SiteGround give you cPanel to manage your features and services. cPanel is most common control panel and very easy to use with unlimited learning resources about cPanel.

1-click application install

Same like others you get free 1-click application wizard to quick start your website using open source applications like CMSs, Blogs, eCommerce platforms, Social Network platforms, Wikis, Forums and many more.

You can create your website in click with WordPress, Joomla, phpBB3, OpenCart, Magento, Drupal.

Enterprise Hosting – Premium Custom-made Solutions

Unlimited Bandwidth

Shared hosting comes with unlimited bandwidth which actually limited if you see in plan features list which shows suitable for particular amount of visits by plan but actually it’s unlimited until your website didn’t start effecting others website on shared hosting.

Showing amount of visitor is just an idea to choose a plan for your need because most users have question about which hosting plan is enough to overcome with his website traffic.

SSD Storage Space

Space allocation is straight to show in plan itself no tagged with unlimited you get 10 GB for StartUp plan, 20 GB for GrowBig and GoGeek comes with 30 GB storage space.

Free Cloudflare CDN

CDN (Content Delivery Network) is an alternative storage for your website static content all over the world (based on supported location by CDN). Which makes your website fast loading by sending copy of your web page from near by CDN location.

You get free Cloudflare CDN with SiteGround shared hosting plan to improve your website speed and cut the cost of bandwidth.

Clouldflare basic plan is actually free but SiteGround give you easy process to connect with your Cloudflare account.

Website Builder

If you are beginner and also not having enough budget to hire developer or purchase custom website service SiteGround gives you website builder by Weebly.

Weebly is popular drag and drop website builder with hundreds of pre built website templates and theme which can be implemented by single click for your website you just need to replace your content.

Note: Weebly holds the rights to your content too and also in case of website transfer you may loss some data because it is not compulsory where other hosts also using Weebly.

Free SSL Certificate

With any hosting plan from SiteGround you get free SSL Certificate to secure your website connection. which actually required for any website now day’s to gain visitors trust on you also helps to improve your rank on search engines.

Free Site Transfer

If you are running your website already and looking for new hosting service SiteGround give you Free migration service by their expert.

Now day’s this is the trand where people are changing their hosting service frequently because of market competition and better services opportunity.

Most hosting providers are give you site migration service some are offering free and paid also.

SiteGround comes with one step further for WordPress site owners if you request they will migrate your website but it can be done your self using their WordPress Site Migration plugin which available for free download on

SiteGround WordPress Migrator Plugin

Plugin is not even hard to use there is simple step which you need to follow.

For WordPress website you get token from SiteGround which can be find inside your hosting account panel, put this token into the plugin settings you are done.

You can use plugin to migrate multiple sites there is no restrictions.

They offer professional migration services. it is free for 1 site on GrowBig and higher plans if you purchase StartUp plan you need to pay extra $30.00 for 1 site migration.

Free Data Backups

All SiteGround hosting plans included free daily automatic data backups, don’t worry in case of emergency you always have latest copy of your website which can be restored in a single click.

Quick Notes

Very Easy Signup Process only one step to follow to become SiteGround community member also your account activated instantly.

Credit Card is the main payment method.

Domain prices are bit higher in compare of others I recommend personally Namecheap to purchase your domain.

Not to high Upsells which is actually good for customers they don’t give you continues offers so you can focus on your work.

cPanel is the control panel very easy to use including Softaculous access to install open source CMS applications like WordPress, Magento, Drupal, Joomla and many more.

Hidden Agenda: you might think SiteGround is very clear in terms or their each offerings but I found something which you need to know before go with SiteGround:

  • Monthly plans didn’t included free domain.
  • Extra setup fees $14.95 for monthly shared hosting.
  • Renewal prices are too high
SiteGround Powerfull Software Support


SiteGround Security Features

I believe if any hosting provider is not concern about server and data security don’t go with them and that’s why I always give you information about security features provided by hosting provider in my review which actually helpful to choose best hosting services for your website.

SiteGround has Security first approach as per their tag line. SiteGround has kind or reputation in the industry which can’t be maintained without best security solution because out there in the world every one trying to be on top and for that they can do anything with your servers can be attacked in a certain way to defend them SiteGround is ready with following security features:

Real-time Server health checks

Every 0.5 second their monitoring system checks server status not only check their system is capable to detect real time issues and fix them too many of that. which really helpful feature to protect server as well as storage units.

Smart WAF Protection against exploits

SiteGround owns great team of technician who watch 24/7 for emerging threats and software vulnerabilities based on each analysis they updating firewall rules to protect servers and websites from each hacking attack if it is using new tactics or old SiteGround WAF security is always uptodate with each new threat protection.

AI anti-bot against DDoS attack (malicious traffic)

AI is the new concept in a security feature used by SiteGround to protect your website from brute force attack. Everyday SiteGround AI anti-bot blocks 500k to 2 million malicious attempts which tries to reach your website with bad intention.

24/7 System Administration Team

SiteGround is using automatic security systems as well as human army to protect their customer data and own servers against any issue to resolve.

SiteGround Security First Approch

Also you have free automatic backup option which can be helpful in case of data loss to restore your website with latest backups.


Easy to Use?

SiteGround user control panel is very specific to give you better navigation experience after login you will see following screen where you can find everything related to your account like control panel (cPanel), billing information, products and services listed in the my account section.

SiteGround User s Area

You can see in above screenshot orange button with text in it “Go to cPanel” which actually looks normal but this is what we call “Easy to Use” feature.

In the list you can see all your active website list and can be managed individually by clicking “Go to Admin Panel” button along with.

cPanel Control Panel

SiteGround is using cPanel (most common control panel used by hosting providers) which is popular with huge learning materials as well as great drag and drop user interface where you can find any specific feature very easily.

SiteGround – cPanel

Control panel included some advanced features which can be useful for your website performance like “SuperCache”, “Cloudflare” and “SG-Git”.

Clicking SuperCache you can manage multiple website individually to enable, disable or clear cache.

Cloudflare CDN is another advanced option to speed up your website, to enable click on it and connect with your Cloudflare free account that’s it other things for caching are managed by the feature it’self.

Git repository for version control of your website sources are integrated with SiteGround cPanel which is very useful in multiple reasons for such frequently updated sites.

Integrations & Apps (WordPress, too)

SiteGround included Softaculous in the cPanel which is very useful feature to create 1-click websites using popular PHP CMS, Frameworks and any open-source applications like WordPress, Magento, Symfony and many more.

Staging Area

Easy 1-click staging features for your WordPress website is another time saving deal from SiteGround.


30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

All shared hosting comes with 30-day full money back guarantee where 15-day for Cloud and Dedicated server hosting plans.

Same like all other hosting providers you will get only refund for hosting plan which not included free domain fees, extra add-ons and services.

99.99% up-time guarantee?

Here you have great assurance from SiteGround in case of down time of 99.9% or 99.00% you get 1 month free hosting service same compensation for each extra percentage down time.


Customer Support

SiteGround is well know for their great customer support by trained professionals. I am using their services from last 5+ years and have interacted with their support staff so many times they never disappointed me, yes some time I need to wait a while during rush hours but it happens in very rare cases.

There is multiple way to get help from SiteGround like knowledge base to find answers by your self from their huge article library about each common, technical and features, but if you want personal help by real people call them or ask 24/7 live chat option.

To save your time they hired group of people which are experts in the field to answer your question real time instead to discussing with other staff members to this is something they established that SiteGround has real technical staff by the subject.

I don’t want to explain more about their great customer support but you will see each 9 out of 10 people are happy with SiteGround customer support.


SiteGround Hosting Support Resources



I recommend SiteGround Hosting Services!

After reviewing all 7 major important points which need to be strong for any hosting provider I found actually I didn’t found the reason to not recommend SiteGround well also recommended SiteGround.

SiteGround has great speed and up-time performance, they have never disappoint customer support and great security features to protect their server as well as your website data, they provide latest technology to improve your website performance in very competitive prices.

How Siteground can Improve?

    • Renewal prices are too high which sometime customer feels like cheated in case they didn’t read renewal terms.
    • $14.95 setup fees on monthly plan looks unnecessary which looks like pressure on customer to purchase annual plan only.
    • There is no cheap plan options only basic shared hosting looks like cheap but that also for first time at renewal that also very pricey.
    • Most hosting providers are offering free domain names for first year with hosting plan which may be the big reason to loss of SiteGround in terms attract new customers. Yes, SiteGround performance wise unbeatable but so many customers are looking for extra benefits from their hosting provider.


If still there is something which you need know, questions and queries are always welcome using contact form or bellow comment/review section.

Top SiteGround Alternatives

SiteGround is best but still it’s in case you want to save some money you can go with following hosting providers which also I recommended to my visitors:

BlueHost is another hosting providers which comes on top at recommended hosts.


A2 Hosting this is another my favorite hosting provider after they upgraded their entire servers with latest technologies and throwing great performance.


Hostinger the cheapest hosting services you’ve ever find with great server response time and up-time performance.



Great Speed, 99.99% up-time from last 24 months, never disappoint 24/7 customer support, killer security features, easy to use what else you want from your hosting provider. I personally using SiteGround from last 5+ years I have no big reason to reject SiteGround services.

  • Pricing
  • Features
  • Speed
  • Up-time
  • Security
  • Easy to Use
  • Support

I must say if you go with SiteGround hosting you get guaranteed satisfaction in terms of support, performance and security but you are not getting free domain and need to pay renewal prices too high but if you rely thinking long term go with SiteGround without wasting your time on finding elsewhere.

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