JustHost Reviews: do they good for speed?

What JustHost is offering? In just $3.95/mo, do I approved?


I found JustHost speed and up-time consistent but from last 4 months it is going down which must need to fixed by JustHost it self, support is poor, features ok an average, usability is fine, pricing is good but not cheapest.

  • Pricing
  • Features
  • Speed
  • Up-time
  • Security
  • Easy to Use
  • Support

My overall reaction about JustHost is big NO for my readers because support system not working well, no free migration services, lot's of up-sells, renewal prices are too high, there is nothing which makes JustHost special to get recommended

About JustHost

Chris Phillips began JustHost again in 2002 in Glendale, California. Quick ahead to 2012, and it was acquired by EIG.

JustHost have a wide array of products and services that assure your success from day one. You can Contact them via live chat for in the moment help 24/7!

I already reviewed some EIG brands before which are not best but not bad too.

Want extra options however don’t wish to spend a number of time coding? JustHost’s Mojo Marketplace has over 100 open-source apps, plugins, and themes which you can set up onto your website with one click on. JustHost additionally provides intensive e-commerce assist, so issues like including a purchasing cart and checkout options are straightforward.



I decided to review JustHost hosting services and found so many facts that can give you better idea of JustHost hosting services based on support, hosting speed and performance reports.

I don’t want to take any chance to get in to the trouble with doing review for any services so I do research and collect data from different third party sources to prove my claim of ratings.

For JustHost I did same and got 24 months of speed and performance data from third party tool called pingdom which I add link with each screeshot taken from.

I will provide all details about JustHost speed, performance, support system, security, plans, pricing, and features including hidden features and fees.

Let’s get into it and start a review.


JustHost Plans, Pricing and Features 2020

JustHost have 3 main shared hosting plans with name Basic, Plus and Prime you will get different resources to use with each plan.

Plan NameSpaceBandwidthPanelNumber of SitesPrice
50 GBUnlimitedcPanelUnlimited $3.95
150 GBUnlimitedcPanelUnlimited $6.95
UnlimitedUnlimitedcPanelUnlimited $6.95

JustHost provides VPS hosting services in 4 different plans all are Linux based with name Standard, Enhanced, Premium and Ultimate.

Plan NameSpaceCPURAMOSPrice
30 GB2 cores2 GBLinux $19.99
60 GB2 cores4 GBLinux $29.99
120 GB3 cores6 GBLinux $44.99
240 GB4 cores8 GBLinux $59.99

JustHost has 3 main Dedicated Hosting Server plans with name Standard, Enhanced and Premium listed below with price and resources.

Plan NameSpaceCPURAMOSPrice
500 GB2 x 2.30GHz4 GBLinux $79.99
1000 GB4 x 2.50GHz8 GBLinux $99.99
1000 GB4 x 2.50GHz16 GBLinux $119.99

JustHost Plan Included 2020

  • Free Domain Name for 1 Year
  • Create, Send, Forward Unlimited Email
  • 30 day money back guarantee excluding free domain and extra addons fees.


Response Time

JustHost giving very consistent response time performance from last 2 years which is great news for them I am great fan of website speed who can’t tolerate more than 400 ms average response time which actually not getting from JustHost shared hosting also which is big problem in any website hosting but when I say very consistent it means they are taking 599 ms average response time consistently but if they don’t add more servers resources it will get down which you can see in following report from last 3 months JustHost taking more than average response time.

Here is my suggestion to JustHost add more resources to handle customer resources load otherwise there is huge competition out there who get lead on your response time.

Now day’s search engines are very strict if they found no response from your website they will block your website results and give you the notification to fix the issue until that your site will remain on search engine as it is or may get some lost from search ranking.

This is for my readers make sure what hosting providers consistency in terms of response time, this is the thing which will most important on each second for your website.

Checkout 2 years response time average for JustHost.

JustHost December 2019 Response Report Pingdom Site Stats



Suppose you created great useful content and hosted on such hosting provider who has worst record in term of server up-time,

What happen to your website?

It is simple if your hosting server is down your site can be accessible to the world.

What happen to your visitors?

If your hosting server is down, your visitor come and go without getting anything and you lost their trust.

How effected your search rank?

Search engines work 24/7 to find out useful content form millions of website but at that time your website has great content but can’t reachable due to server down you may lost search engine trust too and your rank affected very bad.

What impression you built on the internet?

It is obvious you got bad impression if someone you wasted visitors time and internet data giving nothing when they come to your website they may think twice before clicking your link.

Anyways I think this is very easy to understand how hard your up-time is matter for your website.

That’s why I do too much research to get data about hosting up-time which I already posted in above figure for JustHost, following is the their up-time report for December 2019 you can find all 2 year data from clicking link from attached image.

See follow last 24 month average up-time ratio:



When selecting a web hosting service, security is ought to be considered one of your high priorities.

Fortunately, JustHost gives tons of various types of website safety. They use Safe Sockets Layer (SSL), safe shell (SSH), solid-state drive (SSD), and extra.

Additionally they present SiteLock, which incorporates:

  • Safety Backups
  • Dashboard Backups
  • Alerts & Electronic mail Notifications
  • A dynamic verifiable safety badge
  • Each day 360-degree vulnerability scanning
  • 360-degree scanning (defacement, drive-by downloads, database vulnerabilities and utility vulnerabilities)

You’ll additionally obtain on the spot alerts and reviews to your e mail deal with and dashboard if a risk is detected. That approach, you’ll be able to take motion towards dangerous content material earlier than your website is blacklisted.

JustHost claims that you may contact their group to wash up malicious information for those who don’t know how you can take away them your self.

Website Backups

It’s not clear how frequent JustHost gives automated website backups. Nevertheless, this service is included within the Professional shared hosting plan. On the time of this evaluate, JustHost claims that it doesn’t provide mirrored or redundant backups and if any backups are offered, it will likely be on the firm’s discretion.

On the plus facet, this internet host completely gives Linux-based internet hosting, so all account holders have an choice to manually again up website knowledge from cPanel.

JustHost Server Security

Full JustHost shared servers are monitored utilizing specialized software program to fix each buyer receives their untarnished quota of the server’s sources.

If at any period a server’s sources are abused, this software program immediately notifies JustHost.


Easy to Use?

Every one is trying attract customer with offering different types of attracting offers that can be a short term publicity because when people starts talking about you on internet you may need to offer something solid on long term basis like user interface most important thing now day’s so many hosting providers are working on this to give batter experience to their customers so they can easily use all hosting features without getting someones help.

JustHost Control Panel

JustHost is using custom easy to use control panel to it’s clients and desires to make sure you have access to all of the server-side features and databases you possibly can probably want.

Here is the landing page which you’ve gone see:

JustHost control panel landing page after login

This can be a thanksgiving for small business owners: you require a user-friendly utensil to work together along with your web hosting account. Flush though cPanel has been modified, you might be assured of its ease-of-use and time-saving options. The refreshment issue direct snatch you cash, space and complications.

There are multiple features on JustHost control panel some of them as bellow:

  • FTP accounts to do file transfer
  • Contact management
  • Billing management
  • Domain management
  • Website traffic, usage, process statistics
  • Email Managment
  • one-click app install WordPress, Magento, Joomla, Drupal etc.
  • Instant bandwidth, disk and inodes usage reports
  • Manage security options you can enable/disable
  • Database maintenance
  • Access Marketplace apps and install at a click

JustHost E-Commerce Quality’s

There are questions about how JustHost in terms of E-Commerce features? you will get very handy and useful e-commerce quality features with JustHost hosting plan.

If you are thinking to start online store there is some most important and essential features you may need that already provided by JustHost with any hosting plan:

  • Free SSL Certificate (multiple payment gate requires secured connection of your website to run their services)
  • JustHost give you one click installation facility for TomatoCart, Magento, OS Commerce, Agora, Cube Cart, Zen Cart
  • Password Protected Directories
  • OpenPGP/GPG encryption
  • Multi-currency payment system come along with



JustHost Marketplace Landing Page

Most feature which you may required for your successful online store JustHost already included but you can still extend your functionality using JustHost marketplace where you can get thousands of on-click install plugins and themes to add in your website.

Weebly Website Builder

JustHost is giving an extra facility to create your website using easy-to-use drag-and-drop website builder Weebly which is now days getting more popular and you can build any type of website using their hundreds of themes.

Weebly Themes – Beautiful Themes for Your Site, Blog or Store

Weebly is very easy-to-use no need to write a single line code anyone can create website if he/she don’t have any knowledge it is that easy by mouse pointer.

Over hundreds of themes to appropriate from, Weebly makes selecting the format and project of your web site indulgent. Integral you possess to effect is click on and bring to annex and rearrange the weather you scantiness to seem in your web site.

Having an website builder makes your spirit drastically less complicated than having to employ a developer or, alternatively, letters to code.

In the event you recede with the Weebly web site builder, obey in opinion that your web site direct be liable to Weebly’s terms and conditions, in extension to JustHost’s terms. Worse, Weebly’s stipulations narrate that you direct not hold your full content ownership.

Nonetheless, for these with restricted era or technical abilities, Weebly is a ripe choice to utilizing the extra vigorous full administration techniques.

JustHost level provides a practice web site administration dashboard, the place you’re skillful to direct and instructor themes, plug-ins, and extra!

JustHost Cloudflare CDN

Cloudflare, is the most popular CDN provider, which included free along with your JustHost hosting plan. As a JustHost consumer, you may simply strengthen Cloudflare on your website. JustHost has regular up a lot of the required integration already, so that you lawful must find a rare clicks within the Domains part of your narration control panel to earn your Cloudflare account up and running.

Money-Back Guarantee

30 Day Hosting Money Back Guarantee, does not extend to domains or add-on products.

To read JustHost full terms and conditions click here



About JustHost support I have mix reaction because that is what I found in search of JustHost customer reviews about support system.

Yes, my personal experience was good got instant relevant answer within few minutes, but when I dived deep in to JustHost support review sea I found so many mix reactions as bellow.

JustHost Review by BBB (Better Business Bureau)
The Endurance International Group, Inc Customer Reviews BBB (Better Business Bureau)
The Endurance International Group, Inc Customer Reviews BBB (Better Business Bureau)
JustHost Customer Review from Trustpilot
JustHost Customer Review from Trustpilot
JustHost Customer Review from Trustpilot

You can see your self what people are talking about JustHost support, I don’t want to interrupt peoples voice by adding my experience thoughts.

JustHost Support System

Same like so many other hosting providers JustHost is also give multiple options to get help from them like:

  • Email Ticketing
  • Live Chat
  • Phone

You may find great or worst service of JustHost support it depends on your personal experience.



In Total, JustHost provides the fundamentals to execute twain inexperienced persons and consultants fortunate with the web hosting course of. Rookies accept admit to instruments equal 1-click app set up and an spontaneous drag-and-drop builder to succor them firm up a choice running a blog web site or e-commerce shop. Different options, equal a 1-year playing lordship and weblog continue can veritably succor novel internet hosting shoppers repose into web site skill. I am very glad with the features JustHost has to volunteer superior customers corresponding to like me. Site owners can appropriate betwixt two completely different variations of PHP, use various coding languages and a capacious variety of playing scripts to guile choice behind-the-scenes frameworks.

Whereas JustHost is a inferior bond all-star, if it desires to stretch the majors there are diminutive adjustments they’ll accept to appliance. For prompting, they may label whole the paid add-ons they volunteer inside cPanel in order that customers can appropriate whether or not or not they’re concerned about pursuing these functionalities. The audience may additionally pause to broaden their glorious notwithstanding diminutive video library and drive their up-times up a notch. However, for companies with diminutive to e-commerce, JustHost already provides beautiful packages at respectably costs.



G-Suite add-ons

Customers direct discover that, as soon as they arise utilizing JustHost, it simply integrates with Google Apps using G-Suite and different popular applications. Moreover, integration with greater than 100 above-board spring purposes can be seamless. For individuals who are interested by producing online gross sales, JustHost additionally provides Bing and Google ad credits to their clients.

Backups are Weekly but No Guarantee

JustHost promises in their package offer which is good actually, in case of emergency you may need backup to restore your original form of website, but these backups are not guaranteed it may taken may not.

Didn’t understand, No guarantee?

End of the day, JustHost devise achieve the backup on a weekly foundation as promised. Nevertheless, they don’t bear the backup that’s occurring. Hence, it’s material for customers to possess a “backup contrivance” for his or her backup. In any other case, they doubtlessly might be at jeopardy of dropping nice basis. One other downside is that this poses a indicative effect for individuals who possess considerations respecting guard, as properly. Hence, it’s finest for customers to achieve nightly backups independently in the event that they failure to secure their basis is being backed up in a safe and assured habit.

Access Mojo Marketplace

Using Mojo Marketplace you can get tons of themes and plugins access on your click.

This feature is available for all plans on JustHost to give you a feature proof website design and plugins to use.

MOJO Marketplace – Website Themes, Services, Plugins Support

Mojo Marketplace is well known marketplace you can found on Domain.com, iPage, Bluehost, HostGator as you can see on Mojo Marketplace as well they featured hosts who are using Mojo Marketplace as their hosting feature.

If you are beginner, you should use Mojo to do a lot of things like:

  • Add a contact form to your web site
  • Backup or Restore your website
  • Multiple services available to have you help
  • Add multi-vendor capabilities to your e-commerce web site
  • Arrange your WordPress web site
  • Add a slider
  • Integrate event management and hotel booking features to your website.
  • Create appointment management system

There is thousands of themes and plugins available with different features in it which all are just one click away.

MOJO Marketplace – Items list to change your website in to a tool

No Free Website Migration Service

Now day’s there is plenty web hosting providers are offering free website migration services to their new customers to attract them, because if any website owner wan’t to switch the hosting service he will have huge responsibility to transferring website without damaging it but if hosting provider offers free migration service what else need to the new customer biggest issue resolved by new hosting service provider.

If you already have website and want to switch JustHost will charge extra for website migration service, I suggest you may go with interserver which gives you free website migration services and has great reviews.

Free Domain Name

A good news is JustHost will give you one domain for free after 1 year you charged regular prices for the registered domain.

Easy Sign-up Process and Activation

Yes, it is easy to sigh-up with JustHost in just two step registration process, your account activated immediately once you complete payment.

Payment Methods

JustHost supports 2 main payment methods Credit Card and Paypal.

JustHost Up-sells

A lot up-sells enough to irritate you.

What JustHost hiding from you?

Cheap Shared hosting plan have a limit of 200,000 inodes, 1,000 database tables, and 3GB total MySQL/PostgreSQL databases. Exceeding this limit may lead to termination of your account with or without notice.

To read JustHost full terms and conditions click here


JustHost Alternative Hosts


Are you fan of JustHost but you want something decent for your website you may go with interserver you will get better deal and free website migration service, support staff is great.



One of the popular and WordPress favorite hosting provider which can be your ideal host you may need to pay extra for site migration but you get rely good speed and up-time guarantee with BlueHost.



iPage is also one of the oldest and well know hosting provider for small business with so many web building features including one-click install applications like WordPress, Magento, OpenCart, Drupal and many more at very cheap price.



I found JustHost speed and up-time consistent but from last 4 months it is going down which must need to fixed by JustHost it self, support is poor, features ok an average, usability is fine, pricing is good but not cheapest.

  • Pricing
  • Features
  • Speed
  • Up-time
  • Security
  • Easy to Use
  • Support

My overall reaction about JustHost is big NO for my readers because support system not working well, no free migration services, lot's of up-sells, renewal prices are too high, there is nothing which makes JustHost special to get recommended

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