inMotion Hosting Review: 7 important points to know (2020 Customer Reviews)

Are they rely Secure, Fast & Reliable?


I am well impressed from inMotion Hosting services which gives you great security as well as freedom to build anything using their 1-click app installation wizard also they wan't leave you alone providing best quality support.

  • Pricing
  • Features
  • Speed
  • Up-time
  • Security
  • Easy to Use
  • Support

I rely recommend inMotion hosting after checking their services based on my 7 important points, Response time (page load speed), Up-time, plans & pricing, features, security, easy to use and support.

About inMotion Hosting

Good enough to attract customers with their big hosting plan selection!

It is well known but there is a change that so many people are not aware of it just seen as rooming around as banners ads at the time of hosting search, from few years they improved their services and increased capacity and started aggressive marketing campaign to reach every customer who need hosting for their business or website, blog.

Old enough in the industry, inMotion started journey from 2001 now days they already hosted 300k+ websites and owning 2 data centers both are founded in Los Angeles.

It comes in most respected hosting companies list BBB (Better Business Bureau) shows A+ ratings for inMotion Hosting also their support, guarantee and free website transfer policies are unbeatable.



Let’s do it fact check of inMotion Claims!

It is establish truth of the promotional world if company is big it doesn’t mean they are great like GoDaddy biggest in the market but in my opinion Worst in the world with lots of hidden scam promotions.

In that case customer need better research and reviews by the individual bloggers where they can find best hosting for his/her business.

I am checking such huge organization for their services and quality, if they are rely long term option for someone or just another short term service provider because any establishment can’t keep reputation alive without continuity in the quality.

inMotion Hosting Industry Reputation


In my review process I do lot’s of research to provide better understand before you decide to dive in to the hosting company, You will find my all reviews and opinion impartial totally based on solid proofs, When I started reviewing products and services I decided to provide information with proofs which are authentic.

My some clients are using inMotion Hosting for those I need to interact with inMotion support which I found very smooth and helpful.

Yes, Yes, I will not gonna share my experiences only you will see in this review must check 7 points before choose your web host.

Is inMotion Hosting for you?

You get what you expect when you pay to inMotion Hosting, it has large verity of hosting plans for single page website hosting to large scale business projects.

It is not deal of just pay and use they built relationship and always ask you if you need help it doesn’t matter if you purchased low cost plan or higher one.

So don’t worry if you are small business holder or big you can go with inMotion it is for all and they already winner of best business hosting provider award.


inMotion Hosting Response Time

Each micro second of response time is matter for your website performance on search engine. Yes, response time is one of the reason to perform batter on search engines.

I am using Pingdom to gather hosting performance data. inMotion is giving 846ms response time (page load speed) from last 24 months which is average response time for the shared hosting excluding some extra ordinary hosts like A2 Hosting is the best in the market in terms of response time (page load speed).

See full 24 months response time (page load speed) performance report bellow.

Max Speed Zone

Max Speed Zone is kind of feature which inMotion introduced as something unique but it is not.

Max Speed Zone means they use different location to for server warehouses and you can choose your nearest one to get better performance and faster response from the server.

Max Speed Zone option is only available for VPS and Business class plans on inMotion Hosting.


inMotion Hosting Up-time Peformance

I have last 24 months up-time data for inMotion shared hosting which I can say good as per industry average 99.94% they can perform more batter I think us per their reputation in the market.

See below last 24 month average up-time report:

Why up-time is important?

If your up-time is lower than your competitor you will loss your visitors as well as future customers because in case of your down time your visitor can’t reach your content, product or services in that case at the same time your competitor has better up-time and their site is running well obviously customer will got to that site and do whatever want to do.


inMotion Hosting Pricing, Plans

Main Hosting Plans InMotion Hosting

You will get 3 option to choose your shared hosting plan from inMotion Hosting they call it “Business Shared Hosting” Launch (Everything Unlimited), Power and Pro as follow.

Plan NameSpaceBandwidthPanelNumber of SitesPrice
Launch (Everything Unlimited)UnlimitedUnlimitedcPanel2 $3.99
PowerUnlimitedUnlimitedcPanel6 $5.59
ProUnlimitedUnlimitedcPanelUnlimited $13.99

inMotion has 3 main VPS hosting plans with name VPS-1000HA-S, VPS-2000HA-S and VPS-3000HA-S.

Plan NameSpaceRAMOSPrice
VPS-1000HA-S75 GB4 GBLinux $17.99
VPS-2000HA-S150 GB6 GBLinux $29.99
VPS-3000HA-S260 GB8 GBLinux $49.99

If you are looking for dedicated server inMotion give you 6 options to choose Essential, Advanced, Elite, Commercial CLASS 500, Commercial CLASS 1000 and Commercial CLASS 2000.

Plan NameSpaceCPURAMOSPrice
Essential1000 GB4 x 2.80GHz8 GBLinux $105.69
Advanced1.95 TB4 x 2.50GHz16 GBLinux $166.69
Elite3.91 TB4 x 3.30GHz32 GBLinux $238.99
Commercial CLASS 5001000 GB6 x 3.20GHz16 GBLinux $340.99
Commercial CLASS 10001.95 TB8 x 3.20GHz32 GBLinux $414.49
Commercial CLASS 20002.93 TB16 x 3.20GHz64 GBLinux $519.49

inMotion hosting give you 6 option to choose WordPress hosting plan which is actually bit selection only for WordPress hosting where most hosting providers are giving maximum 3 plan options for WordPress hosting.

Plan NameSites AllowedSpaceSuitable ForWP Optimized?
WP-1000S1 Site40 GB SSD20,000 VisitorsYes
WP-2000S280 GB SSD50,000 VisitorsYes
WP-3000S3120 GB SSD125,000 VisitorsYes
WP-4000S6160 GB SSD300,000 VisitorsYes

inMotion have 6 reseller hosting plans in 2 category shared and vps see full details of plans follow.

Plan NameSpaceBandwidthDedicated IPcPanelPrice
R-1000S80 GB800 GB125$15.39/mo
R-2000S120 GB1200 GB150$21.99/mo
R-3000S160 GB1600 GB180$30.24/mo
RESELLER VPS-100075 GB/4GB RAM4TB3Unlimited$46.64/mo
RESELLER VPS-2000150 GB/6GB RAM5TB4Unlimited$67.84/mo
RESELLER VPS-3000260 GB/8GB RAM6TB5Unlimited$94.94/mo

If you have plan to create online store you should check inMotion’s special eCommerce hosting plans.

It has 6 eCommerce hosting plans in 2 category Shared and VPN:

  • Launch price $6.39/mo
  • Power price $8.49/mo
  • Pro price $14.71/mo
  • VPS-1000HA-S price $34.19/mo, 4 GB RAM, Storage: 60 GB, Bandwidth: 2TB, 2 IP Address
  • VPS-2000HA-S price $52.39/mo, 6 GB RAM, Storage: 130 GB, Bandwidth: 3TB, 2 IP Address
  • VPS-3000HA-S price $74.34/mo, 8 GB RAM, Storage: 200 GB, Bandwidth: 4TB, 3 IP Address


inMotion Hosting Features

I gone through all essential hosting features of inMotion hosting and I will explain each feature in brief to understand usability.

VPS Plans Resources

There is 3 VPS plans available at inMotion hosting all plan includes free SSL Certificate, You can choose your data center to improve your response time, all plan includes free automatic backups.

See above table “inMotion VPS Hosting Plans” for VPS plan resources.

Managed VPS Hosting Fast, Secure SSD VPS InMotion Hosting

eCommerce Support

You will find so many useful features with eCommerce hosting plan on inMotion hosting.

inMotion provides multiple 1-click install eCommerce apps (Softaculous) like WordPress with WooCommerce, Magento, Prestashop, OpenCart and name it any open source platform to create your online store in few minutes it is free for Shared hosting and for VPN you need to pay extra.

You can choose responsive theme for your website to match with your brand.

eCommerce store need most importantly payment options which depends on country regulation with inMotion eCommerce services you can choose payment gateways as per your requirement including most popular Credit Card and PayPal payment.

Unlimited Resources

All shared plans from inMotion are covered with Unlimited Space, email and bandwidth, unlimited? oh no not unlimited with some condition which can be found on inMotion Hosting Terms of Service .

Shared server means you are living in ranted apartment with multiple other peoples in that case you need to do care others as well if they effected because of your overloaded luggage or other stuff they will definitely compliant to the house owner. Here house owner have 2 option if he will warn you and give you some guideline to use apartment or he can throw you out.

Latest Technology Servers

inMotion is always do their upgradation as technology changes which is something I feel they care customers requirement and tries to provide as much they can provide they don’t do this for selective customer but for all if it is old or new.

Now day’s it is obvious reason to use latest technologies on their server for hosting providers because this the only part which you can take lead on your competitor who upgrades first get more benefit to attracting customers.


HDD is old now time is to use SSD storage for your website space which actually much faster than regular HDD most SSD hosting providers claims it SSD servers are 20X faster but I am not agree or disagree will investigate and give you more details in some other post.

Shared Business Hosting with Free SSDs

SSL Certificate

To provide secure connection for your visitors you need SSL certificate which you get free with inMotion shared hosting plan.

PCI Compliance

Something must needed as per government rules to secure customer personal data in terms of store, transfer or process which can include credit card and other personal information.

PCI Compliance not available on Shared hosting to qualify you can go with VPS or Dedicated server plans.

Personally this features not included by inMotion you have to use such services from companies who already providing this. This services regularly scans your PCI Compliance which might bit heave process so make sure you do in low traffic hours.

SEO Services

Normally if you use WordPress now there 90% to 95% themes are SEO friendly but there is multiple plugins who provides such great plugins like Yoast SEO to improve your on site SEO to get better rank on search engines.

Free Site Migrations

Do you have existing website and want to switch hosting provider? inMotion can help you.

After completing purchase you can contact inMotion support staff and ask for site migration from you current host it will take maximum 4 day’s to complete process.

You can ask priority migration which may take few extra bucks.

How inMotion migration work?

There is simple process to request free migration services from inMotion staff but it may hard to find on their website so I am making bit easy to you guys.

Actually the option is only available for registered members so once you registered and completed your purchase you can go to inMotion Account Management System (AMP) here you can find “Website Transfer Request” feature click on that and fill the form with required details That’s It!

Free Backups

Most hosting providers are asking extra and giving automatic feature as addon where you will get automatic backups feature on inMotion free with any plan.

Backups are rely important for any website in case of emergency backup is the only way to get your site live again.

Google Apps Integration

inMotion give you very easy to configure Google Apps feature. Which gives you power to use Google Apps like Gmail, Drive without taking extra help.

Quick Notes

  • Do I get Free Domain? Yes
  • Inodes (files): Shared hosting plan has a limit of 50,000 inodes (files) per account.
  • Upsells: Yes, But not too many.
  • How you can pay? Using Credit Card, Check or Purchase Order.
  • Signup Process: Not easy you need to pass out 4 step registration process and also verification process too.
  • Activation: I don’t know their verification process different than others they verify your account by phone which sometime takes a while.
  • Control Panel: cPanel
  • 1-Click Applications: Softaculous
  • Site Migration: Free for 3 Websites
  • Money Back Guarantee: 90-days
  • Automatic Backups: Free for any plan
  • Website Builder: BlogGrid powered by WordPress


inMotion Hosting Security Features

In internet world you may see each next day hacking and malware attack news so hosting providers have to make sure their customers data is same and secure.

inMotion Hosting provides multiple security options which also included in cPanel where you can manage easily.

See follow some security features which are basic for any website or storage unit:

  • Free SSL: You will get free ssl certificate with all inMotion hosting plans which provides secure connection to your website to pass sensitive data like payment information.
  • Automatic Backups: If essentially or by hacking attack you lost your website backups are useful to restore your website without data loss.
  • DDoS Protection: DDoS Protection is something to protect your website being hang. DDoS attacks happens normally form multiple devices which looks like organic users but in huge amount to take your site down.
  • Password Protect Directory: You can set password protection for single or multiple directories with specific username and password.
  • Leech Protection: Using this feature you can secure your website from unwanted users to access your website private areas.
  • IP Deny Manager: This features prevents your website accessing Deny IP’s which you can set single or range of IP addresses.
  • SSH/Shell Access: Beginners might don’t know what SSH is but for advanced customers can use SSH to transfer files from pc to server in a secure way.
  • GNUPG Keys: Create temporary users to give control panel access where you can also add time limit for temporary user it may be days, weeks or years.
  • SSL/TLS Manager: Manage your free and paid SSL certificates which also you can install new SSL certificate from here for your websites to secure connection.
  • HotLink Protection: It’s like data, images theft protection you can block your images and date to used on some other website which actually called HotLink to protect this process used is HotLink protection.

inMotion Smartwall Threat Defense System

TDS (Smartwall Threat Defense System) is the weapon comes from Corero Network Security to protect your inMotion Hosting servers, Corero Threat Elimination System provides protection against DDoS attacks.

Corero provides multiple security protection services and tools like SmartWall, DDoS protection starts from 10Gbps and extendable to the 320Gbps as per requirement.


Easy to Use?

Yes, inMotion hosting give you most popular latest cPanel to manage your website and other services which actually very easy to use even for newcomers.

inMotion Hosting Control Panel (cPanel)

cPanel Control Panel

InMotion Customized cPanel

cPanel is laredy a great feature reach control panel but there is always improve possibilities and for that inMotion has done some big changes to make it more useful like they improved Softaculous and added most popular apps WordPress, Magento, Joomla, Drupal on landing page so user don’t need find from navigation.

Also they have altered database option and added MySql as well as PostgreSQL to manage your databases from one place.

Included custom error pages in case website fires 505, 402 or some other common errors.

Cron Job customization is another big customization done by inMotion to manage cron jobs in as easy way which sometimes big difficult to understand for beginners with default cPanel options.

Apps & Integrations

inMotion hosting give’s you power of 400+ 1-click install application using Softaculous which also includes most popular CMS and eCommerce platforms like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Magento, Prestashop, OpenCart and much more.

WordPress Premium Sucuri Plugin

If signup with inMotion WordPress hosting plan you get finest security plugin called sucuri for advanced security protection to your WordPress websites for free.

WordPress Optimization

inMotion WordPress hosting plans has included inMotion’s custom built cache manager tool to speed up your WordPress website without using third party caching plugin.

BoldGrid Premium Website Builder

inMotion does not provide their own website builder like other big hosting providers in place of they provide BlogGrid Premium Website Builder powered by WordPress to their customers for free.

Using bloggrid you can create and manage your websites, it also use drag-and-drop page editor which makes your work even faster.

BoldGrid WordPress Website Builder InMotion Hosting

You can see in above image BlogGrid comes multiple useful features like Modern Responsive Designs, Drag and Drop enabled, Designs and Themes including demo contents, SEO Friendly, Security options like one click backup and restore.


90-Day Money-Back Guarantee

All most every hosting provider give you money back guarantee but for 30 day’s only but in case of inMotion it extended to 90 days guarantee for Reseller, VPS and Business hosting plans for Shared hosting they also have same policy like others 30 days.

99.9% Uptime Guarantee

99.9% Uptime guarantee only applies on Pro plans or higher, with this guarantee you get 1 month service fees as compensation if you get less then 99.9% uptime for your website.

When you get compensation?

It includes natural down time only but if your site goes down because of maintenance, hacker attack or by your own development process will not counted as down time.


Customer Support

Ok here is the main question are they available when you need help?

Yes, They are very responsive give you best advice.

Any services only gains trust if they provide great support I interacted with almost all major hosting provider’s support staff, most experiences are smooth which already included in different hosting reviews like HostGator, InterServer, BlueHost, iPage etc.

Everyone claims their support services are best in the industry same as inMotion but that is the question are they rely best? How can you know if support services are best or not?

To know support services there is few things which can be helpful which also I use to review any support services.

Check your self: I do check every hosting provider’s support services personally using their Live chat and some time by phone where I ask some basic questions about their services, you can do same to check how they interact with their customers, what issues they can solve, how time they take to answer.

Check what other say: One more thing is add in my each review is public opinion about particular product or services which is most important if I personally found some product or service good or bad it doesn’t mean others too.

Web Hosting Support Tutorials InMotion Hosting Visit inMotion Hosting

BBB (Better Business Bureau) Ratings

Better Business Bureau is one of the well reputed organization who provides full verified business profiles from real customer reviews and complaints you can check each complaints, progress, resolution on BBB for particular business.

inMotion has A+ ratings from BBB which is maximum for any business.

SInMotion Hosting, Inc Better Business Bureau® Profile

Take a Tour for New Customer

Every new customer get’s Tack a Tour advantage from inMotion hosting’s support staff they give you 25 minutes training to understand their all features like account management panel (AMP) and cpanel where they will teach you about each functions individually in detail, which actually help to newcomers to understand some basic features to create website for by them self.


Great! Yes, You can find all most each feature provided by inMotion are described in well written knowledge base articles.

Priority Transfer

Priority Transfer is an external service which actually optional can select on asking to website migration form.

Normally their migration support staff need maximum 4 day’s but if you want your website must transferred within a day can pay extra $29.99 one time fee and get result on same day.



I covered 7 important points to review inMotion hosting:

Response Time: inMotion Cheapest plan server performs very well and takes 846ms response time (page load speed).

Up-time: Good! last 24 months average up-time is 99.94%.

Plans & Pricing: Plans selection is larger than any other hosting provider, pricing average almost same as competitors.

Features: I found all essential features on inMotion cheap hosting plan which actually you may find from few hosting providers like Free Automatic Backups check other hosting providers BlueHost , InterServer , HostGator , JustHost you need to pay for it where inMotion give you free to prevent your well earned data.

Security: I always say if your hosting provider is not serious enough for security features switch the hosting. inMotion give you multiple security features to secure your website including Free SSL Certificate and Smartwall Threat Defense System (TDS).

Easy to Use: You host must provide control panel platform easy to use else sometime it happens you don’t find what you want, but don’t worry you can find easily everything that you wish using inMotion cPanel.

Money Back Guarantee: I suggest check carefully before you trust anyone’s money back guarantee there could be multiple conditions which sometime refund makes impossible, inMotion has straight forward money back guarantee 90 day money back guarantee for VPS and Reseller customers 30 money back guarantee for Shared hosting customers.

Customer Support: If you are beginner or expert you may need support from your services provider in case of issue happen because after all you are using third party services which is under control of them. As per my investigation they are good enough to provide customer support in different way you can find almost every question/answers from their knowledge base articles and so many other tutorials.

inMotion improvement suggestions

I have some suggestions for inMotion Hosting as well.


Clear what is unlimited on your plan it’self not only in terms of services.

Huge and confusing plan ranges

More plans is good for who can understand what he want’s but confusing for who don’t know what it takes for his/her website which can be improved by creating plans giving heading like beginners plans.

Expanded Datacenter

It is very easy to understand for advanced users how near by datacenter can improve response time (page load speed).

So if inMotion establish more datacenter across world it can help than to attract more customer with improved performance for all.



Always when I finish any rely great services provider review I felt something left so I add extra section to cover them up in brief.

Promotion Price only apply on 24 Month Contract

Yes, if you want maximum benefit of promotion price you need to pay 24 months fees in advanced.

Delayed Verification Process

One unique but strong verification practice started by inMotion where all new customers need to be verified by phone in some suspicious case they can ask for photo ID also.


Backups only work if your resources are less then 10GB to take automatic backups beyond this limit you need to pay $59.

Green Hosting

They are big but cares for nature using eco-friendly green datacenter which also the first ever in Los Angels, CA.

Using inMotion services you can support their “Go Green” policies.



I am well impressed from inMotion Hosting services which gives you great security as well as freedom to build anything using their 1-click app installation wizard also they wan't leave you alone providing best quality support.

  • Pricing
  • Features
  • Speed
  • Up-time
  • Security
  • Easy to Use
  • Support

I rely recommend inMotion hosting after checking their services based on my 7 important points, Response time (page load speed), Up-time, plans & pricing, features, security, easy to use and support.

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