How can I download a video from YouTube?

Download YouTube video on Mobile or PC for free


Before I discuss YouTube video download way’s let’s see is it legal or not to download videos from YouTube this could be the most important for anyone.

Google is very clear on their YouTube Terms of Service it is not permitted to download video from YouTube unless you see download button or link by YouTube it self.

There is no permission to download simple because if you YouTube video offline they lost a visitor which definitely effect their business model which generates revenue by advertising’s and also most YouTube videos gets their incomes too.

Yes, There is no issue until you download YouTube videos to see offline.

5 Way to download YouTube video

Here we will learn 5 way to download YouTube video using software, browser extension and application.

YouTube Downloader Extension for Browser

Here is one more way to download YouTube videos on your PC using Browser extensions which I think easiest way to download because when you are on browser and watching a video you may get idea to download the video to see offline same time if you have browser extension which an download video for you it will be really helpful.

So here we discuss some useful and trusted browser extensions to download YouTube video.

YouTube Video and MP3 Downloader

My favorite YouTube downloader extension so far. this extension is for Chrome browser only which is very useful to download any particular youtube video where you can select quality and format.

The best part is you don’t redirected to the other website you can download video on same page also you can get only audio file if you want.

One more cool feature of this extension you can copy download link for particular video from YouTube and share, it can download anytime on any device.

YouTube Video and MP3 Downloader Chrome Extension


Another extension which supports multiple browsers like Opera, Safari, Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer and also Chromium based browsers for Linux OS’s.

Extension works same as YouTube Video and MP3 Downloader.

The extension may work may not so this extension is not recommended by me it is just FYI.

DownloadHelper Browser Extension

This is extension is really good recommended by Firefox.

Extension available for Firefox and Chrome.

After installing extension it will detect videos on current browser tab which you can download.

Also there is some settings which can be useful like video quality, you can convert video in different video format.

DownloadHelper – Video download browser Extension

YouTube Downloader Software for Desktop/Laptop

Browser extension could be not much helpful who has bigger requirement to download videos in bulk.

For PS’s there is multiple software applications available which are useful to download videos in bulk and support thousands of websites.

Let’s see the the YouTube downloader software list and use.

4K Video Downloader

As per the name it can download videos up to 8K 60fps quality which can be available in MP4, MKV, M4A, MP3, FLV and 3GP.

The software can download entire channel which you already subscribed. To download in bulk you need to upgrade free to premium version it cost $15 which works on 3 computers.

Software is not limited for YouTube it can download videos from Vimeo, tumblr, VEVO, dailymotion, Facebook and more.

4K Video Downloader is available for free download and they releases updates in intervals.

1. Copy video link from YouTube

Copy YouTube Video Link

2. Once you copay open your installed free 4K Video Downloader

3. Click green button “Paste Link” it will automatically paste line and grab video for you and you can see “Download Clip” box.

4. Here you can see multiple option to choose as per your requirement like you can choose audio format as well as video to only download audio file from a video.

4K Video Download Screen Explained

You can choose video quality which can be maximum 8k 60fps.

Choose video format if you select audio download it will show audio format list in the dropdown box.

Select location folder for your videos downloaded from this software.

Finally click on download and enjoy your video offline.

(Available Free Download and Premium $15/-)

Freemake Video Downloader

Another free video downloader software for PC with big list of website support as per their claim Freemake Video Downloader is supported 10,000 websites.

Free version is using their watermark on downloaded video to remove that you need to purchase full version.

See below to the how to use Freemake Video Downloader
1. Open YouTube video and copy video link.

Copy YouTube Video Link

2. Open Freemake Video Downloader.

3. Click “Paste URL” button it will open popup with multiple options.

4. Here you have option to choose Video Quality, choose action it can be audio download or can convert video to any available format in the dropdown which can be HD, MP4, MP3, AVI, 3GP and FLV.

5. Choose file download location and finally click Download button.

The software comes with some extras like antivirus app, forced change of your all browser search engine to Yahoo. So be careful when you install this or any software and choose custom install option so you can have your choice to install or not extra features which comes along with the software.

(Available Free Download and Premium $4.95/-)

Gihosoft TubeGet (YouTube Video Downloader)

Gihosoft TubeGet is not just YouTube video downloader it can download videos from 100+ website like Vimeo, Facebook,Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram and many more.

You can choose video quality as well as format on download screen and download videos up to 8K 60fps quality which is great for big screen lover.

If you have playlist on YouTube you can download it at once also can download audio only.

Let’s see how you can use Gihosoft TubeGet video downloader to download YouTube videos.
1. Copy YouTube video link which you want to download.

Copy YouTube Video Link

2. Open Gihosoft TubeGet video downloader software.

3. Click on “Paste URL” button you can see in red color.

4. You can see popup with different options most of them are paid actually you can only select two option on free version video quality and cover download.

5. Select file download location and click on “Download” button.

Gihosoft TubeGet YouTube Downloader Explained

(Available Free Download and Premium $29.95/-)

Airy YouTube Downloader

There is one more free option to use called Airy is the simple YouTube downloader.

It is really simple to use open Airy, Copy video link and paste it in the Airy, choose quality up to 8K Ultra and click download button it’s that simple.

(Available Free Download and Premium $19.95/-)

YTD Video Downloader

With free version you get basic features to download videos from different websites including YouTube.

Software throws frequent updates to provide better video download experience on 50+ websites.

It has simple process to download video as follow.

1. Open YTD Video Downloader.

2. Open YouTube and copy video link which you want to download.

3. YTD automatically paste your copied link from YouTube to the “Paste URL” box (multi link available on pro version only).

4. Select video quality from best available list it can be up to 8K Ultra.

5. Choose file location to save downloaded video on your PC.

6. Click “DOWNLOAD” button to start download.

7. Automatic Convert and Quality Convert option only available on pro version.

YTD Video Downloader Explained

(Available Free Download and Premium $0.99/mo)

YouTube by Click

Feature reach YouTube video downloader.

This can be used for 40+ website video download including Facebook, Vimeo, Dailymotion and yes most important YouTube.

You can see in bellow screenshot you get multiple options to download video like Choose video format it can be MP3, MP4, AVI, FLV, WMV, 3GP, WEBM, MKV, WAV, AAC and M4A also there is option to choose video quality as you need you can change quality of the video using choose quality button.

Once you decided which video you want to download copy url and paste in the download box.

YouTube by click Video Downloader Explained

“Auto Detect” is the option to start download without pasting a link.

(Available Free Download and Premium $4.99/-)

Any Video Converter

Here is one more video downloader software which has something more than download capacity.

It can download videos form 100+ websites including “Netflix” and “YouTube” live streaming.

As per name it can convert any video to any other video format supported formats are:



It can also convert video by device supportive formats with selecting device on convert settings.

Also if you have DVD which is now old concept you can burn DVD to your chosen video format and save it in your PC, Laptop.

Any Video Converter Features

(Available Free Download and Premium $58.94/-)

DLNow Video Downloader

This is also available for free works on windows.

Capable to download videos from 800 websites.

Can download up to 4K 6fps videos.

Capture live streaming in high quality videos.

Bulk download supported also can can extract only MP3 audio from videos.

See following video for to learn how it works.

(Available Free trial and life time licence for $19/-)

Softorino YouTube Converter

Another software application for PC to download YouTube videos.

Multi device support you can choose where to store download on iPhone, iPad or PC.

Convert video to ringtone from download settings.

Softorino YouTube Converter Explained

You can download video from 100+ websites.

(Available Free Download and Premium $19.95/-)

YouTube Video Download Online

Above software can be useful for who want to download videos form YouTube or other websites very often but if you want to single or few video and this not your regular task there is online websites where you can put your video link and they will give your the video which you can play offline.

There is multiple website which has different options to download video like quality and format.

Let’s see quick list of the website which is useful to download video from YouTube and multiple other websites.

  1. VD YouTube
  2. Save From
  3. FLVto
  4. Keep Downloading
  5. GetVideo
  6. Tube Offline
  7. Tube Ninja

Above all sites is useful to download video from YouTube and other websites.

The other benefit of these sites is you can use it on any device to download video.

Download YouTube Video Replacing Word Websites

There is so many website services which are using different trick to download video from particular URL.

Here is the example website called “” so if you are on YouTube and opened any video which you want to download for example I have “” this video in this URL just add word “monkey” after youtube like this “” and press enter you will redirected to the “” with your video url here you can start download your video by clicking download link.

Let’s see few useful YouTube video download website using word replacement method.

  1. YouTube Monkey: Add word “monkey” after youtube like this “”
  2. Save From: Add word “ss” before youtube like this “”
  3. Conv YouTube: add word “conv” before youtube like this “”

YouTube Download App for iPhone/Android

Actually it is something tricky when it comes to the mobile devices because for Android you depend on Google Play Store and iPhone using Apple Store which both are very strict with Terms and Conditions to download video from YouTube.

For android it is easy to get third party APK and install it you just need change setting in security option called “Unknown Application” (downloaded from internet without using google play store) once you enable this option you can install any APK file on your Android device.

There is some application which are useful to download videos from YouTube and other website let’s take a look quick list.

  1. YTD Android APP: we already seen TYD for desktop they also has a Android app which you can download from their website.
  2. TubeMate: download free apk and install on your android device and start YouTube video download for offline use.
  3. Videoder: This is also free android application which you can download from their website. App supports 1000+ website also they have desktop software to download YouTube videos.
  4. SnapTubeApp: One more free application for android to download YouTube video as well as 100+ more websites. App has features to select format and quality of the video which you want to download.

iOS is even strict in terms or download policy which only allow third party app use if you jailbreak your iPhone.

There is multiple applications which are useful to download videos on iPhone/iPad but once iOS knows that application is not following the usage policy rules they will ban the application.

But still there is the way to download videos from YouTube on your iPhone which we already discuss in “YouTube Video Download Online” these website can be really useful in such restricted environment for application use.

On iPhone file manager you get inbuilt browser where you can open any of the website who provides service to to download YouTube videos from video url.

So it is really easy to download videos on iPhone/iPad using browser and video download websites like VD YouTube, Save From, FLVto, Keep Downloading, GetVideo, Tube Offline and Tube Ninja.


We gone through all 5 way to download YouTube video which includes Desktop/Laptop Browser Extensions, Softwares for PC, Online YouTube Video Download Services, Websites which is also online video download services but has different concept called replace word and finally for Android/iPhone users we seen the YouTube video download solutions.

If still there is anything I missed or has any suggestion, query or question please leave a comment. Because your opinion is the only way to improve this blog.

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