Hostinger Review: 7 important points to know (2021 Customer Reviews)

Using multiple trick to speed up, are they useful?


I am using Hostinger web hosting services from last 5 years but I didn't come across with such incident which makes them questionable, I have no reason to oppose Hostinger services.

  • Pricing
  • Features
  • Speed
  • Up-time
  • Security
  • Easy to Use
  • Support

You get shared hosting under single buck for a month which includes Free SSL Certificate, Unlimited Bandwidth, SSD Storage, Website Builder, 99.99% uptime guarantee which actually is 99.95%, fast page loading speed in compare of any other web hosting company excluding A2 Hosting, Talk with the support staff in your language.
I can only say Go To Hostinger
and start your website.

About Hostinger

Hosting Media is the main firm was founded in 2004 at Kaunas, Lithuania. They also owns worlds leading free web hosting provider which they started in 2007 later on 2008 started cPanel based hosting as

Actually Hostinger born in 2011 which now huge brand in the world provides cheapest hosting plans ever. Withing 3 years Hostinger crossed over 10 million users. And now from last data shows they already have 29 million user base ans still growing in 2x speed as per their about section.

Great journey in just 10 years it makes hostinger fastest growing hosting company in the industry.


As base of 50 million users it company must need huge infrastructure all over the world and that is what Hostinger have in last 10 year they expanded their datacenters all over the world which starts from Lithuania, United Kingdo, Netherlands, United States, Brazil, Singapore and Indonesia to provide near by servers in all over the world which definitely helps to improve response time (page load speed).

Hostinger provides complete web hosting solutions to their client which includes data safety and for that company servers are always backing up data automatically which rely needed for such huge organization to maintain their reputation.

It has great security system go prevent your website and server from malicious attacks like DDoS attacks in such case system automatically starts prevention steps and removes unwanted malware, viruses as immediate action, they invest more on technology instead of technician which makes them market leader their performance states are great 11/24 months shows 100% uptime which is actually rare moment I have seen from any hosting provider.

It might not possible for such cheap hosting provider to have datacenter in each country as substitute they give you free option of using cloud CDN which also improves your website speed using near by file location from the cloud CDN’s.

One more feature they provide to all their clients caching machine to accelerate website load time.

Disaster Recovery introduced by hosting to prevent your data loss which create website restorable snapshot periodically so if anything happen with your website or server you always have your data secure in latest version which you can restore in a click.



Hostinger is well know web hosting provider in the world with large number or customer base.

I will cover everything which actually you expect from any hosting provider if it is big or small organization.

Hostinger huge but are they worth your hard earned money?

I will reviewed their server performance which includes 24 months statistics of uptime and response time (page load time).

In this review we will gone through from Hostinger’s web hosting plans and pricing which also include hidden agenda.

What features they offer with their cheapest plan yes I will check their cheapest plan for hardest review.

Security is most important part of the any hosting provider so I will definitely give a details what they offer to protect your important content.

I will review their control panel usability if it is easy to use or not?

Most important if you don’t like their services or changed your mind what possibilities you have to get your money back.

And finally I will review their multilingual customer support.

Who Should Consider Hostinger?

They have most budget friendly shared, cloud and VPN hosting plans which can be useful for everyone who want to start their own website, blog or small scale online store.

Hostinger has great reputation in terms of page load speed which actually impressive under 400ms you may find such fast loading speed form A2 Hosting only.


Hostinger Response Time

Response Time (Page Load Speed) one of the important thing you will need if you want to get batter rank on search engines.

Why I am so worried about page load speed it is simple explanation suppose you search for something on google obviously you will get thousands and millions or results lest think one result is yours now it is global truth user will open multiple links from all results but if your page takes longer than 3 seconds other will get user attention by loading fast before yours.

Actually no one has time for wait to load your web page in 4G,5G world you always in race of search engine results you have to be faster to get your place on top.

Hostinger claiming they are fastest are they let’s see their last 24 months response time states where they are?

Here we are getting average 355ms response time (page load speed) from last 24 months which as I said before rare occasion.

I mean great response time performance!

Multiple Distance Datacenter’s

The speed above is not just a miracle there is so many factors behind this speed performance one major factor for such speed is they have multiple datacenter all over the world so your website get response from nearest datacenter, yes distance rely matters in term of response time everything has speed and takes different time to reach one place to another like a sun light.


Hostinger is using SSDs for data storage which as per web hosting providers claim 20x faster than regular HDD, I don’t know how true this claim is but SSD faster than HDD is a global truth.

SSD cuts data filtering process and your automatically get faster response from the server.

Hostinger Response Time States (December 2019) Pingdom Site Stats

Alternative Hosting Providers with good speed: BlueHost, A2 Hosting


Hostinger Up-time Peformance

Up-time: simple explanation if your server is down your site will be down too I think this is enough to explain Up-time.

Good enough 99.95% more than average industry up-time for shared hosting plan.

See bellow chart which shows hostinger December 2019 up-time states you can find all months by clicking link under chart.


Hostinger Pricing, Plans

Basically Hostinger offers Shared, Cloud and VPS hosting to their customers starting at $0.80/mo very cheap.

You get 3 shared options from Hostinger starts from $0.80/mo.

Plan NameSpaceBandwidthPanelNumber of SitesPrice
Single10 GB100 GBcPanel1 $0.80/mo
Premium20 GBUnlimitedcPanelUnlimited $2.15/mo
Business30 GBUnlimitedcPanelUnlimited $3.45/mo

Hostinger provides very easy to use cloud hosting in cheap prices with high dedicated resources to use. There is 3 main cloud hosting plans Startup, Professional and Enterprise starting at $7.45/mo.

Plan NameSpaceCPURAMBandwidthPrice
Startup40 GB2 cores2.93 GBUnlimited $3.95
Professional80 GB4 cores5.86 GBUnlimited $8.95
Enterprise160 GB6 cores11.72 GBUnlimited $23.95

If you are advanced user you can try Hostinger VPS Hosting which has 6 variation 1,2,3,4,6 and 8 vCPU starting at $3.95/mo.

1 vCPU20 GB1 core1000 MBLinux $3.95
2 vCPU40 GB2 cores1.95 GBLinux $8.95
3 vCPU60 GB3 cores2.93 GBLinux $12.95
4 vCPU80 GB4 cores3.91 GBLinux $15.95
6 vCPU120 GB6 cores5.86 GBLinux $23.95
8 vCPU160 GB8 cores7.81 GBLinux $29.95

Lowest price only applied on 48 month contract it will look like this when choose your plan.

Hostinger Pricing by Contract Duration 2020

You can find more cheap hosting plan on iPage and JustHost.


Hostinger Features

Cache Manager to Improve Speed

Hostinger has added multiple options to give you faster performance cache manager is one of them, option is very easy to use see following image to turn on cache manager on your selected domain.

You can find Cache Manager option in Hostinger control panel under Advanced panel.

Hostinger Advanced Features
Hostinger Cache Manager Toggle

When you click on Cache Manager option you will see above screen Automatic Cache toggle option.

Hostinger Enable Cache Manager

Once you enable this option it is all done also you can see Purge All and Purge button purge all button is used to clear all cache and purge button to clear single url cache.

If you are new may don’t know what cache is?

Website cache is like temporary storage for web page images and other client side style, script and text which helps to get fast response without reloading same data again and again.

So you can understand if your some heavy data like images, script documents is load from other location like client side or form cloud storage it is obvious your server need to load only some dynamic text and not full page resources so you get better speed.

WordPress Optimized

Hostinger provides special package for WordPress to improve website performance with includes WordPress Optimization feature as per Hostinger claim it helps to improve speed 3x faster.

One more thing is added to improve WordPressp performance is NGINX Caching to improve website speed caching is most important and Hostinger is using NGINX Caching tools to cache your WordPress website.


HTTP 2.0 is faster then HTTP1 which uses binary data transfer to improve fast output and reducing data size. Also HTTP 2.0 is much secure because using binary code to send and receive data then before.

Website Builder

With any hosting plan you get free website builder powered by Hostinger to make your website on your own. You get fully drag and drop website builder interface so don’t worry if you don’t know how to write a code.

Free Website Builder – Hostinger

Website Builder includes hundreds of website template which can be best start instead of creating new template. all templates are mobile friendly I mean responsive can fit on any screen very beautifully.

Unlimited Resources

Premium and Business Shared hosting plan includes unlimited bandwidth unless your site is not effecting other customers website performance.

Which means if your start getting huge amount of traffic your site might start hanging or most probably server show 505 error because Shared hosting is used by many other users they also running their websites from same server so it is shared like a shared texi you only get 1 sheet to utilize if you try to expand your self it can be harmful for others here server mekanizem starts finding the issue who is trouble maker and possibly your account banned.

In short bandwidth is unlimited until your resources don’t create problem for others on a same server.

With single website you can create 1 website, email and database each.

They use SSDs which is good news you get better speed performance form your hosing server.

Free SSL Certificate

All hostinger plan includes free ssl certificate which actually helps to provide secure connection to your users and also make your site more trustworthy people can know their data going through secure connection.

Some or other way SSL Certificate is also helpful to improve your SEO rank as google has started warn their visitors before open any insecure website, Google always find data which is useful and secure for visitors.

SEO Toolkit

SEO Toolkit is the service add-on which you can buy with extra money.

Search Engine Optimization is most important part of the any website without this whatever you offer you may not reach to the your targeted peoples.

SEO Toolkit includes multiple features to improve and analyse your website SEO.

  • This tool helps you to track your website indexing status if any issue happens with your website you get notified by SEO Toolkit.
  • It will show you traffic and also from visitors behavior it can also show you estimated traffic of the month.
  • Most important keywords took you can use to find your ideal keywords
  • We all know how mobile users are important now day’s especially after smart phone revolution, This tool will give each details to provide best experience to your mobile users as well as desktop.
  • Full reporting chart is available where you can check website performance, keyword performance, page and post performance.
  • You will always updated for any issues on your website can be harmful on search ending indexing process like broken links, designing issues and other errors.
  • Get keyword and meta description suggestions for your particular page or post.

This tool is useful but if you are advanced user you may think this I can do my self and can find free tools but I know it is easy for you but many newcomers are don’t know what SEO can do for them. In that case they can get best benefits of this tool.

Free Site Transfer

Yes you can ask Hostinger staff to transfer your website from your current hosting server this is completely free for 1 website only.

Free Data Backups

Weekly data backups for free for daily automatic backups you need to pay more or go for higher plan.

Google Apps Integration

Hostinger included G-Suite it is not free you need to pay for it.



You already getting Free SSL Certificate to secure your website connection.

DDoS Protection

They do lots of thing to protect you and their own servers from malicious attack.

Hostinger has dedicated cybersecurity team who always finding vulnerability in servers if they find they immediately resolves the issue and that is what makes them secure.

We are implementing auto-rotatable system passwords (Hashicorp Vault), so any system-critical login credentials are only valid for a period of up to 2-3 days.

They are implementing auto password rotation at a decided time periods to prevent accidentally shared critical credentials they call it (Hashicorp Vault).

You get 2 step verification login feature which makes your control panel inaccessible by anyone without your permission.


Hostinger is using third party security specialist to protect their servers called Bitninja.

Bitninja is the all in one solution for the Linux servers it helps to secure from following attacks:


There is two type of Honeypot Port and Web which included by Bitninja to protect hacking attack.

Port Honeypot: is used to scan ans sweep malicious port if hackers find any vulnerable port found by hackers it may harmful for your server so here bitninja created 100 random ports and those port will look like a honeypots to the hackers so in case of attack we can find their IPs and take action before anything happen to the server.

Web Honeypot: Web Honeypot is direct related to your website code if there is query or code is vulnerable you may attacked by hacker here bitninja will help you to find all vulnerabilities in your website so you can fix those issues.

Bitninja is always running on all hostinger servers to find and remove malware or viruses as an immediate action.

Web Application Firewall (WAF) is another weapon used by Bitninja to protect various vulnerability attacks for example SQL Injection, remote file inclusion, code injection and many more in a list.

For IP Protection bitninja using CAPTCHA security based on protocol if user comes from HTTP or HTTPS it will redirected to the CAPTCHA verification page SMTP user need to verify them self by email.

DDoS Protection most common attack on the internet to harm some ones website by sending overloaded traffic. Bitninja will protect your website from DDoS attacks and they use different process of protection than most DDoS Protection services.

You can full details about bitninja on their website


Easy to Use?

I’ve ever used easy to use control panel is hPanel powered and developed by Hostinger, they’re not using regular cPanel but you will get all features even more features on hPanel (Hostinger Panel) also easy to use with clean beautiful interface.

The panel is always under development based on customer feedback’s you will get update notifications in regular intervals.

Click on image to see full version.

Hostinger Control Panel (hPanel)

The host told us that hPanel uses OpenResty (Nginx web server plus LUA and Redis) for faster response times.

By not having to pay cPanel licensing fees, the host adds that they are able to pass the savings on to their customers.

In addition to managing your hosting plan, billing information, domain names, and email accounts, this is where you would go to find FTP tools.

These tools are used to transfer files to/from your server, as well as auto-installers for optional features like image galleries, blogging suites, forums, and more.

hPanel is one of the advanced control panel it has OpenResty support to improve response time.

And this is the big reason behind cheap pricing of Hostinger they do not pay for cPanel licenses and using own hPanel that gives them power to provided cheapest rates on hosting.

They didn’t removed cPanel completely you will get cPanel on VPS hosting.

hPanel is all in one control panel where you can manage everything your websites as well as billing, orders also you can purchase or upgrade plan from hPanel only.

You will find all useful tools on hPanel like Auto Installer, Email Accounts, Database Management.


30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

With Hostinger you will have to claim your money back. So without hesitation you can at least try them for 30 day if don’t like services, performance or with any reason you will get your full amount back for hosting plan.

Note: Same as any other hosting provider Hostinger also process refund for Hosting Plan any other product, addon, service or domain not nonrefundable.

99.9% Uptime Guarantee

Yes, They have a 99.9% uptime policy whether they don’t promote this but you can find in their Terms of Services.

Also Hostinger will compensate 5% monthly hosting fee for particular month where you found less then 99.9% uptime for your website.

To claim your compensation you have request them in written.

Credit will not funded in case it will be store credit which can be used as future purchase on Hostinger.

Guarantee doesn’t include down time of maintenance, repair, upgrade process, software installation, by your own scripting interruption, outages which is not harmful for your site and DDoS attack.


Customer Support

Great! Multilingual Support Staff, Yes This is something new from hosting provider.

They have support specialist team in 22 languages which includes Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, French, Arabic and most of the popular languages by country where you can expect less English speaking customers.

You can find Live chat option in Client Area after login, Live chat option is always available on hPanel as blue comment icon.

Also you can find huge knowledge base article library to find answers of your issue, there is so many useful tutorials for beginner as well as advanced user includes technical guides too.

Their support will answer almost instant, I think there is reason behind they are available all the time because live chat option is not public can used by customers only in that case they don’t need to deal with each visitors who want’s to talk with them.

Hostinger Knowledge Base



After reviewing their consistence uptime, speed performance, unbeatable pricing, essential range of features, power full security features and backups for free, most easiest control panel, dedicated multi language support team and money insurance I must say I recommend Hostinger without a doubt.

If still I missed something to please ask question in comment or using contact form, questions and quires are always welcome I will try my best to resolve your each query and question.



I am using Hostinger web hosting services from last 5 years but I didn't come across with such incident which makes them questionable, I have no reason to oppose Hostinger services.

  • Pricing
  • Features
  • Speed
  • Up-time
  • Security
  • Easy to Use
  • Support

You get shared hosting under single buck for a month which includes Free SSL Certificate, Unlimited Bandwidth, SSD Storage, Website Builder, 99.99% uptime guarantee which actually is 99.95%, fast page loading speed in compare of any other web hosting company excluding A2 Hosting, Talk with the support staff in your language.
I can only say Go To Hostinger
and start your website.

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