HostGator Review: do they worth your money? (2021 Customer Reviews)

HostGator is huge, what they provide? are they good?


Let's do it straight, Prices are not that cheap, great up-time I've ever seen, poorest response time (speed) I've ever seen, no free security features included, free domain included, unlimited space, bandwidth and email accounts.

  • Pricing
  • Features
  • Speed
  • Up-time
  • Security
  • Easy to Use
  • Support

HostGator can't be in my recommendation list with such response time report and if you are that big who have 8 million plus website hosted but no initial security features included in your plan didn't expected.

About HostGator

HostGator is the one of the oldest and largest web hosting company in the market started around 2002 in the date of now they already hosted over 7 million domains, they are big it doesn’t mean they are good I experiencing their services from last 10 years actually I started with HostGator hosting my first project when I was doing a job.

HostGator has big customer base in last few years they are much slower than other competitors in terms of improvements in services.

They have so many different plans based on customer requirements even custom plan available, but my review will be based on their cheapest plan here we can compare their services, features, price and support quality.

You may see HostGator review but can’t find useful because there is thousands of different reviews with mixed reactions of good, bad and average I will give you so many reasons here to help you to choose or not HostGator for your website hosting.

HostGator give you Unlimited storage, bandwidth, Free SSL Certificate some more things included in their cheapest shared hosting plan which I will discuss in this HostGator review.



HostGator is the old and having rely huge customer base they are consistent in terms of services but I found they are good for bigger plans only their cheapest shared hosting plan is not giving the performance which I got from their competitors like Bluehost , Interserver and iPage .

I am gonna cover almost everything and tell you my opinion based on real customer reviews and third party apps reports for HostGator like I will include here long term performance and up-time history from pingdom, we will check their ratings given by BBB (Better Business Bureau).

Average Response Time I am getting from last 24 months is 1140ms which is bad actually I can’t put this in average response time even.

Average Up-time I got for last 24 months is 99.98% which is actually I found beyond average up-time from any other hosting provider which strange actually because HostGator response time is bellow average where their up-time above average.

HostGator give you free domain name for 1 year also includes unlimited space and bandwidth for all shared hosting plans with free ssl certificate.

HostGator Datacenters

They have 2 datacenters in U.S. one at Provo, UT and other on in Houstan, TX.

Is HostGator hosting for you?

Same like so many other hosting providers HostGator also trying to attract small business and websites by their lower pricing and features included along with.

But actually HostGator provides services which can be useful for big organizations too like HostGator offering Managed VPS and Dedicated hosting plans which built to provide maximum performance.

Basically if you are small website owner or beginner you will find HostGator is useful for you and for same who are willing to join their costlier hosting plans like VPS or Dedicated.


HostGator Pricing, Plans and Features 2020

You can find verity of plans on HostGator hosting platform for any size of business and for any level of knowledge.

HostGator provides 5 main Shared Hosting plans with name Hatchling, Personal, Enterprise, Baby and Business, Personal and Enterprice both are using Windows hosting.

Plan NameSpaceBandwidthPanelNumber of SitesPrice
Hatchling (Everything Unlimited)UnlimitedUnlimitedcPanelUnlimited $3.95
Personal (Windows)UnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited $4.76
Enterprise (Windows)UnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited $14.36
Baby (Everything Unlimited)UnlimitedUnlimitedcPanelUnlimited $5.95
Business (Everything Unlimited)UnlimitedUnlimitedcPanelUnlimited $5.95

You will get 3 main VPS hosting plans form HostGator called Snappy 2000, 4000 and 8000 as follow.

Plan NameSpaceCPURAMOSPrice
Snappy 2000 120 GB2 cores2 GBLinux $89.95
Snappy 4000 165 GB2 cores4 GBLinux $129.95
Snappy 8000 240 GB4 cores8 GBLinux $159.95

HostGator mainly have 4 Dedicated Server plan available with OS selection from Windows and Linux Basic, Standard, Elite and Pro.
Whether you choose windows or linux plan price and server capacity will be same.

Plan NameSpaceCPURAMOSPrice
Basic500 GB2 x 2.30GHz4 GBWindows $174.00
Basic500 GB2 x 2.30GHz4 GBLinux $174.00
Standard1000 GB4 x 2.50GHz4 GBWindows $219.00
Standard1000 GB4 x 2.50GHz4 GBLinux $219.00
Elite1000 GB4 x 2.50GHz8 GBWindows $279.00
Elite1000 GB4 x 2.50GHz8 GBLinux $279.00
Pro1000 GB4 x 3.30GHz16 GBWindows $374.00
Pro1000 GB4 x 3.30GHz16 GBLinux $374.00

You can choose cloud hosting plan from HostGator which actually good alternative of Shared hosting with nominal price deference but you will get better speed and up-time here.
HostGator has 3 main Cloud hosting plan with name Hatchling, Baby and Business Cloud hosting.

Plan NameSpaceCPURAMBandwidthPrice
Hatchling CloudUnlimited2 cores2 GBUnlimited $4.95
Baby CloudUnlimited4 cores4 GBUnlimited $7.95
Business CloudUnlimited6 cores6 GBUnlimited $9.95

If you are willing to create WordPress website HostGator providing special Managed WordPress Hosting solutions 2.5x faster than Shared Hosting which can be the option having 3 main plans with name Starter, Standard and Business Managed WordPress Hosting.

Plan NameSpacePowerSitesBandwidthPrice
StarterUnlimited2x1 SiteUnlimited $5.95
StandardUnlimited2x2 SitesUnlimited $7.95
BusinessUnlimited5x3 SitesUnlimited $9.95

HostGator Essential Features 2020

If you host your website with such big organization like HostGator so many things you will get as bonus which might you need to pay for it with other hosting providers.

Free Website Builder

HostGator has his own easy to use drag and drop Website Builder with name Gator includes 100+ ready to use responsive templates and image libraries which you will get free with any hosting plans from HostGator.

Free Domain, Website and MySql Database Migration

Are you having a website and thinking to transfer on HostGator? no worry you it’s HostGator problem and you will get free service to transfer your website from current host to HostGator server which includes domain, mysql database and website.

Free 70+ Scripts with one-click install features

You will have super power if you are on HostGator server to install 70+ instant install script with your mouse click for free which includes WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento and many more in the list.

Shared Web Hosting Plans – Easy Affordable HostGator

$100 Each ad credit for Google and Bing

Great benefit which an give your website kick start in term of gain traffic on your new website which actually most difficult part of the any new website but here on HostGator they provide $200 ad credit which can be used to gain traffic on your website from search results.

Note: In terms of use ad credit you need to spent same amount of money on respected ad network.

Free SSL Certificate

HostGator will give you Free SSL Certificate with 1 year licence which is great security feature to secure your website and make trustworthy for the visitors.

Extra Common Benefits

So many other benefits you get with any plan you purchase from HostGator like Unlimited Hosting Space, Bandwidth and Email accounts, 99.9% up-uptime guarantee, 45-Day Money-Back Guarantee, Easy to Use Control panel including Free Website Builder, Live Chat and Phone support, robust knowledge base articles for self help any many more features which you expect from you hosting provider.

Shared Web Hosting Plans Full Features List HostGator


Response Time

It is established truth that response time is the one of the major factor of your website rank.

I rely believe in response time must be under 400ms from any server other wise you should find one, because response time is the thing which need your website each and every second if it is live and running.

In that case I am collected 2 years response time data for the HostGator shared hosting plan which actually not good, HostGator shared hosting plan will give you average 1140ms very slow.

I must admit if you are looking for better response time from your host go for A2 Hosting , BlueHost or InterServer.

See following for response time history report of HostGator.

See following full month day to day response time for December 2019

HostGator Response Time (December 2019) Pingdom Site Stats

Note: you can see full response time and up-time report clicking link under above images.



Great! Up-time history with 99.98% up-time from last 2 year long test reports.

Same like response time of your website up-time is also most important factor of your website rank, it is simple to understand up-time if your hosting server is up and running your visitors/customer can reach you else they get nothing from and you lost visitor or future customer.

We found great up-time test data from HostGator which is unbeatable by any hosting provider which I already reviewed.

See below last 24 month average up-time report:

Here you can see December 2019 up-time chart as follow.


HostGator Security Features

Not Impressed!

It is not expected from such huge hosting provider to charge extra $2.08/mo (Billed Annually @ $24.99) for security features like SiteLock.

Their email plan offering spam protection to prevent your inbox from unwanted messages (Not a Free Feature)

No Free weekly or daily automatic backup, you need to pay extra $2.00/mo (Billed Annually @ $23.95) which is not good for customers.

Shared Web Hosting Plans Security Options and Extras HostGator

You you can get better security options from A2 Hosting and InterServer.


Easy to Use?

As we know HostGator is old and huge hosting provider which means they are getting more and more experienced in the industry and adding new features which makes their hosting services  are feature reach but if those features are not organized and easy to use doesn’t make sense because you can’t expect all the experts customers as per your presence on market.

Fortunately we are getting rely easy to use control panel from HostGator where you can use and manage all their features from hosting control panel dashboard only.

It it easy to use even for those who want to create their first website can take an advantage of Hator Website Builder which is give you power to create website using your mouse pointer only.

For more advanced user there is all the features included on their control panel like SSC access, 1-click app installation panel, FTP account management, SSL Certificate management and lot more.

HostGator cPanel Paper Lantern

HostGator Account Management

You can login direct cPanel as well login to your Account Management where you can manage your profile, billing, payment etc.

HostGator New Customer Panel

You can see so many option can be managed from HostGator new account management panel.

Website Builder

HostGator give you free access of their own easy to use drag and drop Website Builder stuffed with 100+ customization responsive templates and image libraries.

How is the HostGator Website Builder?

There is opportunity to create website using free website builder come along with HostGator plan for beginners but if you are looking for extra features you may need to purchase hostgator premium plan to use pro features of website builder.

Actually HostGator premium website didn’t worth the money in my opinion use WordPress instead to create your website, because they are not just charging to use of Website builder but you need to pay every month until you are using their website builders pro features on your website.

Make sure before use of HostGator website builder you might be in trouble when you decide to switch hosting provider because you can use HostGatour website builder (Gator) website code on any other hosting you may have big data and design loss.

My clear opinion on HostGator website builder is Don’t Use!

HostGator Website Builder


Money-Back Guarantee

Sometime is it hard to signup for the services but if you get some assurance from service provider it can lead you to take a test drive like money back guarantee.

Here on HostGator give you 45 days to decide are you comfortable or not with their services, I think this is the thing which any customer want so he/she can test their services and decide to for long term because hosting is not small deal it could be life time.

If you purchased Shared, VPS or Reseller hosting plan from HostGator they allow you to ask money back before completing 45-days of hosting but if you are dedicated server holder you may not get your money back they giving a reason behind is administration fees, software installation fees which they manage are applied and that could be the initial price of the plan.

Refund is not possible for free domain name it will deducted from your refund amount and you will be the owner of domain name until it expires.

You may only eligible for the money back if you paid via credit card or paypal in this case also you get your refund after 90 days which is quite long time.

Are you the existing customer? money back guarantee is not for you.

I am adding here their refund policy screen shot which can give you more detailed information.

General Terms of Service HostGator


How is the HostGator Support?

There is multiple way to get help from HostGator:

  • Support Tickets
  • Live Chat
  • Phone
  • Knowledge Base
Knowledge Base – Web Hosting Help Support Hostgator

I personally got good experience of HostGator support staff where I tried their phone and live chat support both are instant responding and got answers right on the points.

But my personal experience is not important so make sure if you have any experiences of HostGator support system you can post here in the review section which will rely helpful for the readers of this post.

Not a good news from BBB (Better Business Bureau)

As per BBB HostGator has very bad reputation in term of customer support see your self in bellow image.

HostGator com, L L C Better Business Bureau® Profile

Also trustpilot users giving mix reviews about HostGator support but most are bad.



First of all do I recommend this No, I don’t!

Why I am not fan of HostGator?

  • They are not improving their self like you can see so many hosting providers are started providing SSD storage to their customers which is actually helpful to gain better page loading speed but HostGator is still on old technology.
  • So many features are paid which are most essential for any website like SiteLock security which must be free and so many hosting providers are already giving this feature to their customers.
  • Can’t tolerate 1140ms average website response time.



Lot’s of extra features you can find on HostGator website which almost all are paid, I don’t think I should add here.



Let's do it straight, Prices are not that cheap, great up-time I've ever seen, poorest response time (speed) I've ever seen, no free security features included, free domain included, unlimited space, bandwidth and email accounts.

  • Pricing
  • Features
  • Speed
  • Up-time
  • Security
  • Easy to Use
  • Support

HostGator can't be in my recommendation list with such response time report and if you are that big who have 8 million plus website hosted but no initial security features included in your plan didn't expected.

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