FastComet Review: 7 important points to know (2021 Customer Reviews)

How fast and reliable FastComet is?


FastComet passed 6 out of 7 important points which I think enough for me to recommend FastComet. 7th point almost passed if we see their last 12 months response time performance only but my all reviews are based on last 24 month performance I can't break my own rules.

  • Pricing
  • Features
  • Speed
  • Up-time
  • Security
  • Easy to Use
  • Support

I found FastComet is above average at up-time average pricing great features and resource allocation is great security is also above average actually easy to use great satisfactory customer support only the response time I found below average which also if we see last 12 month history getting improved.

About FastComet

It was 2013 when FastComet founded by 4 friends based in San Francisco, CA, USA all they have 10 year long experience in hosting industry and decided to start something their own in small office and after that they are just growing and having 50,000+ active client and who started with 4 now they are 70 in a team also they are growing and expanding their cloud nodes which currently reached at 20,000,

It is hard to improve website loading speed but FastComet was know how it can be improved so they’re not dependent on one or two data centers they have 10 data centers all over the world go give their customers nearest location or targeted audience to get fast response from the server.

Also they are privately owned and funded having no big hand behind them so big group of companies like EIG who actually huge organization but so many of their products under performing.

It is hard for small private firm to fight with billion dollar giants but for customers there is something which might be helpful like real personal customer support because company owns limited staff you will get familiar with all in short time you don’t need to remember new person each time.


FastComet has 10 data centers all over the world which covered 3 continents USA, Europe and Asia also they have 20,000+ cloud nodes their headquarter is in the San Francisco, USA from the start.



It is hard to say anything overall about any service providers because of multiple product choices and other expects and for that I decided to create 7 important points strategy which can reveal hosting services in a easy to understand way.

Here I will provide 2 year response time and up-time data for FastComet shared hosting server which can show you how fast and reliable it is.

I will review their hosting plans with pricing and features which should be justified as per market trends.

Security is most important for any hosting plan if you don’t get better security options from your host find some else it can be harmful in future.

It is important if so many features you are getting but if they are not easy to access doesn’t make sense.

And finally each customer will need customer support for so and so reason it must be real time and right to the point.

Who Should Consider FastComet?

After reviewing so many hosting services it is establish that all most all hosting services are only trying to attract small businesses and personal website users same with FastComet if you are small business you can start with FastComet.


FastComet Response Time

You ask question and get answer in between time is the response time same for your hosting server if someone comes to your website direct or from search engine first thing will happen is your hosting server will get request from the end user so your server need to provide response in return of the request and here it the think what time it will takes to respond the request.

It is important because each visitor and page view need this faster otherwise your website performance can’t be satisfactory for your visitors as well as search engine which may lead your website down at the search engine results.

I mean who like slow loading website?

I have been tracking FastComet shared hosting server by my test site which hosted on FastComet before 2 year now here the results from last 2 year which I got for response time.

Note: The results are from USA based data center which could be different for other data centers.


FastComet Up-time Peformance

They are rely good at up-time reliability 99.98% is the average up-time for last 24 months and this results show FastComet is the rare service who give you such great up-time states in a long run.

See below up-time history for last 24 months which is extra ordinary you might see from few hosting providers else average up-time is 99.95% which FastComet is beating by .03%.

It is important when because if your server is down no one can access your website.


FastComet Hosting Plans and Pricing

There 3 different hosting plans they offer Shared, VPS and Dedicated I will discuss all 3 plans and sub plans in below section one by one.

FastComet Shared Cloud Hosting Plans

Three main shared cloud hosting plans available at FastComet FastCloud, FastCloud Plus and FastCloud Extra starting at $2.95/mo.

Plan NameSpaceBandwidthRAMNumber of SitesPrice
FastCloud15 GBUnlimited2 GB1 $2.95
FastCloud Plus25 GBUnlimited3 GBUnlimited $4.45
FastCloud Extra35 GBUnlimited6 GBUnlimited $5.95

Shared cloud hosting plans comes with some common features as follow:

  • cPanel and Softaculous included
  • Daily Automatic Backups
  • Free Cloudflare CDN to serve website from nearest location of your visitor
  • Free SSL Certificate by Let’s Encrypt
  • Complete server security by BitNinja
  • Free domain and website transfer
  • Create Unlimited Sub-dominas for your main domain
  • Multiple PHP version with easy to switch version feature
  • Website Starter kit to kick start your first website your self
  • 100% SSD Storage helps in fast performance

FastComet Cloud VPS Hosting Plans

For medium size businesses like who have decent traffic on their website which required more resources to manage them can have Cloud VPS Hosting from FastComet it has 4 choices cloud 1 to 4 starting at $59.95/mo.

Plan NameSpaceBandwidthCPURAMOSPrice
Cloud 150 GB2 TB1 x 2.50GHz2 GB ECCLinux $59.95
Cloud 280 GB4 TB2 x 2.50GHz4 GB ECCLinux $69.95
Cloud 3160 GB5 TB4 x 2.50GHz8 GB ECCLinux $89.95
Cloud 4320 GB8 TB6 x 2.50GHz16 GB ECCLinux $139.95

Cloud VPS Hosting comes with some features which included in all 4 plan:

  • Host Unlimited websites
  • Guaranteed Resources
  • Free Website Setup
  • Priority Support
  • Network Firewall, Web Application Firewall, Brute-force Protection and Exploits and Malware Protection
  • cPanel and WHM included

FastComet Dedicated Server Plans

Even bigger website who want their own personal server to host high traffic website can choose Dedicated hosting from FastComet with high traffic management features.

FastComet offers 4 Dedicated Server plans DS 1 to 4 starting at $139.00/mo.

Plan NameSpaceBandwidthCPURAMOSPrice
DS 180 GB4 TB2 cores4 GBLinux $139.00/mo 
DS 2160 GB8 TB4 cores8 GBLinux $169.00/mo
DS 3320 GB16 TB8 cores16 GBLinux $229.00/mo
DS 4640 GB32 TB16 cores32 GBLinux $349.00/mo

With Dedicated Server you get following features included:

  • cPanel, WHM and Softaculous Included
  • Unlimited website hosting
  • All server comes with fast SSD storage and latest ECC RAM
  • Free website transfer
  • Network Firewall, Web Application Firewall, Brute-force Protection and Exploits and Malware Protection
  • Daily backups which can be restored in single click
  • Priority Customer support
  • Apache, Nginx and Custom php.ini


FastComet Features

It is confusing when you choose hosting plan from most of the hosting plan simply because of resource allocation to your plan which most hosting provider not clear on plans and pricing page but FastComet is provided crystal clear information about their hosting plans and feature which you get also limitations and fair use policy explained in short.

Shared Hosting Features – FastComet

FastComet has multiple features which are impressive like Free Domain and Website transfer service, Free SSL Certificate and Softaculous to single click install open source applications like WordPress, Drupal, Magento and many more including frameworks, forums platform, wikis and blogging applications. Also something missing like Free domain for first year which normally you will get from any hosting provider out there excluding SiteGround .

SSD Storage

Behind fast website load there is several reasons which all starts from your storage unit because end of the day each request will reach to your storage unit where request will processed and return answer as response which must be fast. after SSD introduced most hosting company started moving to the SSD storage to improve website performance so did FastComet.

As we know FastComet is new in the market so they didn’t needed to upgrade their servers from old to new technologies but they started with latest technologies one of them is SSD Storage which they offering for all plans.

Softaculous 1-click application install

To make your website building experience easy FastComet included Softaculous which stuffed with 400+ open source application ready to install in a single click.

FastComet Website Builder

Another way to start your website using drag and drop site builder by FastComet you will have 350+ free responsive professional website templates can select and preview using mouse pointer only. Website builder is built with keeping in mind of beginners need so don’t worry if you know how to code the website.

Sitebuilder – FastComet

Free SSL Certificate

It is most important that your website should run on secure connection which because it is something like trust badge for visitors and google search.

With Free SSL Certificate provides secure connection to protect customer data like personal information and credit card details if you accept payments on your website.

Free Website and Domain Transfer

Great feature which actually attract customer. I mean anyone if you think to switch your web host first thought would be how can I transfer website, domain and database?

But no need to worry if you select FastComet as next web host they take care of your website and domain transfer for free.

Free Automatic Data Backups

One more very useful feature which can protect your website data from any accidental event.

If you lost your website data because of any reason you will have latest backup taken by FastComet daily automatic feature which also can restore within a minute by single click.

Cloudflare CDN

CDN replicates your website contents on more than 70+ server locations all over the world and your visitors will load your website contents from the server that is closer to them. That will make your website load fast no matter where your visitors are located

CDN is something website reflection which can be multiple in case of Cloudflare you will have your website on 70+ servers all over the globe which makes your website easy to reach from nearest server location which all process handling done by Cloudflare so once you activate Cloudflare your website can available from 70+ locations and visitor get fastest response from nearest server which will your website replica and original website always on the hosted server.

Multiple Server Locations

Server location is important for fast loading website if your website is only focusing targeted location traffic you can have great benefits from FastComet multiple server location you can choose nearest server location from your targeted location which will really improve response time in great amount of percentage.

Features for Experts Too

FastComet certainly is user-friendly, but this is not achieved at the expense of more advanced users.

On the contrary, whoever has the knowledge and desire can use a wide array of developer tools. WP-CLI, bash, Drush, Laravel, Genesis, and Symphony are but a few of the many modules and instruments available across all shared plans.

GIT also comes preinstalled.

They are really good for newcomers but that is not enough for experts who always want more features and integrations with third party services.

On your cPanel see multiple features which actually loved by expert developers like Node.js Support, WP-CLI (WordPress command prompt interface), SSH to secure access of your data, Ray media server (RMS), Laravel, Genesis, Drush and pre-installed GIT.

Quick Notes

No Free Domain included

Easy signup process and account activation is very quick.

Credit/Debit Cards is the only payment method supported by FastComet

You may often see Upsells

Can create unlimited Email addresses and Databases.

Softaculous is included to access 400+ 1-click install applications

cPanel to make your work even more easy.


FastComet Security Features

I would say FastComet has way more security features then anyone in the industry see below list which you get with any hosting plan from FastComet:

  1. Network Firewall
  2. Web Application Firewall to protect from SQL Injection, Cross-site Scripting and DDoS attack.
  3. Brute-force protection
  4. Exploits and Malware protection
  5. Real time Malware scan and reports
  6. Hotlink and Password Protection
  7. Two factor authentication
  8. All in one BitNinja Server Security to protect from DDoS attack clean real time Malware and all types of firewall protection like Web and Network firewall
  9. Account isolation
  10. CageFC Security access your files without restrictions
  11. CloudLinux Server better security and stability
  12. Daily automatic backup
  13. ModSecurity Manager
  14. Server Monitoring
  15. Power, Network and Hardware Redundancy
FastComet Security Features

I think security features is huge plus points of FastComet after looking their big list of security feature.


Easy to Use?

Very easy to use fully responsive cPanel which make FastComet hosting feature use even easy from your mobile it self which means it doesn’t matter in case of emergency you can fix some issues using your smartphone only. It is not limited for beginners and big verity of features for advanced users including multiple language support.

FastComet cPanel Features

You get easy to use drag and drop website builder which can be useful to anyone who want instant website using their 350+ fully responsive website templates. There is much more you can do for your website creation using Coftaculous which give you 400+ easy to install interface in single click and create website using WordPress, Magento, Drupal, Joomla and many more other applications.

I mean cPanel is most common and very easy to use control panel every built which you have with FastComet I think it is enough to say FastComet is easy to use.


45-Day Money-Back Guarantee

FastComet give you a guarantee to get back your money in 45-day if you don’t like their services.

I mean great deal actually they give your opportunity to test their server ans services for 45 day and if you don’t like the services fine get your full amount back.

Great promising guarantee!


Customer Support

As usual I talked with their customer support representative using live chat which was quick connection and got all my question answered without waiting much because I think they appointed really professionals at the support desk who don’t need help in case they questioned anything related to the department.

FastComet Customer Support

FastComet has great availability in terms of live chat may be because of small customer base right now.

Also you can find help from their very professional knowledge base articles it might be the best KB library I’ve seen so far because of well written articles and blog which are way more useful and stick to the point.

I believe they are good at customer support but may be so many others are not so I am not going to push you to believe on me but yes I will give you something solid to believe their services like Trustpilot ratings are “Excellent” by 730+ real customer review which I think great achievement.

FastComet is rated Excellent – Trustpilot

It is hard to refuse 730+ peoples opinion about FastComet and also I my experiences are so far so good it means bit ThubsUP for Customer Support.



I recommend FastComet because of their scale and intention to go big with positive approach against giants.

After reviewing their services I found 6 out of 7 are above average like up-time is way more than others 99.98% which I got from SiteGround and Hostinger only other all are stands at 99.95% or below.

Most impressive security features I’ve seen from any hosting provider and also included with cheapest plan I think winning shot it is.

Features you almost same like other which you may get from all hosting providers like Website Builder, Coftaculous, SSL Certificate and many more common features.

I can say FastComet has great 24/7 customer support team based on 730+my experience.

45 day money back guarantee is way more than others to test their services before you confirm to stick with them.

One point I found in this review process their response time (page load speed) is below average but from last 12 months report you can see in response time section they are improving them self at speed performance.

How FastComet can Improve?

I think they already in improvement mode still I have some suggestion for FastComet which they can improve:

  • Free Domain can boost their cheap hosting plans sales.
  • Need to work on website loading speed features which I think they do from last 12 months.


If you are a current or old customer of FastComet you can add your real experience here in the review section, Please make sure you add only your real experiences with the particular host.

Top FastComet Alternatives

FastComet is so far one of the best hosting service in my opinion but you can still has some doubt check out some of FastComet alternatives:

SiteGround: one more none free domain best hosting provider which also bit expensive than other hosting provider but they worth it because of their unbeatable hosting services and performance and yes really like them.


BlueHost: Cheap reliable and favorite hosting service.


A2 Hosting: Best server performance history fastest loading time most reliable up-time history price, features and security are great.


Hostinger: Best option for anyone can start website at lowest price easy to scale and use their tons of features for free whatever plan you choose.



FastComet passed 6 out of 7 important points which I think enough for me to recommend FastComet. 7th point almost passed if we see their last 12 months response time performance only but my all reviews are based on last 24 month performance I can't break my own rules.

  • Pricing
  • Features
  • Speed
  • Up-time
  • Security
  • Easy to Use
  • Support

I found FastComet is above average at up-time average pricing great features and resource allocation is great security is also above average actually easy to use great satisfactory customer support only the response time I found below average which also if we see last 12 month history getting improved.

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