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Create a Blog from Scratch an Ultimate Guide!


I have simple rule is write straight forward!

After 10 years of continues journey in the Web Development industry I learn’t a lot an now I think it’s time to share with the world.

I am writing this post upon my personal experience how you can create blog in simple way.

Now day’s it is important for every business or individual to having a personal blog or website where you can put your every details like promotions, events, customer feedback’s, personal stories and endless stuff. With these content creation exercises you can get more attention from your relevant audience.
So here I got idea for the same to create ultimate guide to create blog in simple way.

Here we have step by step guide to create a blog!

Create a Blog Steps

First of all I want to clear it is not something which I am going to discuss about programming or designing, When I said create a blog in a simple way mean you don’t need to write single line of code.

Here I decided to separate guide in to the simple steps which actually more simple to understand and follow for anyone.

Here we go!

WordPress CMS

Step 1 Choose a WordPress

When I say choose a WordPress, because it is simple than any other blogging platform to use and extend.

Why WordPress?

I know it is curiosity, WordPress has everything which any blog need even more it has, Some of them which you can consider as reason to choose are:

  • Biggest Player in Blog/Website Industry: WordPress shares +33% markets share of all web platforms.
  • Free for All: WordPress is an open source free to use for everyone.
  • Active Development: WordPress is in a most active and progressive development process to give robust security and unlimited features.
  • Size Doesn’t Matter: WordPress can be used to small scale to super large websites it has great architecture to handle any size of website traffic in a smooth way.
  • Unlimited Resources: Don’t worry if you need more features or want to convert your blog in to a store you can do it yourself by using WordPress plugin repository without leaving your website.

WordPress helps you to start things with initial stage to grow big, WordPress salable easy to transfer from one hosting to another almost all hosting providers are give you one click WordPress installation feature.

When you start blog for first year you might not expect much traffic because new on the market until that you can use any cheap share hosting once your blog start getting traffic you can grow your website hosting resources so no need to big investments.

There are so many other benefits which we will discuss on some other way.

Step 2 Hosting

Choose Hosting
You need hosting to run your blog on your decided domain, there is so many blogging platforms which provides your sub-domain blog I can’t suggest that because than it will be in hand of third party so make sure you host your blog on your own domain and hosting space.
If you don’t know what is hosting space let me clear in simple word hosting space is virtual server (system) where you get some amount of personal space and system resources for your blog or website, it is something like you got hard disk space in hosting providers PC which only for you.
There are so many cheap hosting provider like:

ProviderReview Link
BluehostBlueHost Reviews
InterserverInterServer Reviews
iPageiPage Reviews
FatcowFatcow Reviews
JusthostJustHost Reviews
A2HostingA2hosting Reviews
WebHostingHubWebHostingHub Reviews
HostgatorHostGator Reviews
inMotionhostinginMotionhosting Reviews
HostingerHostinger Reviews

You can choose any of above hosting for your self hosted blog:

  1. Free Domain name – Most from above are provides free domain name for 1 year so you do not need to invest money on your new started blogs Domain name.
  2. Hosting Space – All above hosting providers give you unlimited space for the single domain so no worry how much stuff you upload.
  3. SSL Certificate – It is something which you required in terms of secure website all hosting providers from above list are giving free SSL Certificate for 1 year.
  4. Quick WordPress Installation – Above all hosting providers give you quick WordPress Installation feature in case you choose any other web hosting make sure it has Quick WordPress Install feature that will make your work very easy and save your so much time.

There are so many benefits about different hosting providers which I will discus in different topic right now our priority is create a blog so let move on.
Now after selecting hosting plan you need to register your Domain name (Business Name) which should be easy to remember and relevant to the topic of your business it will be rely helpful to get your blog better performance also Domain extension is also important our recommended Domain extensions are .com, .net, .org or your country extension extension like for Netherlands .nl, Australia, India .in and so on.
I must admit my preferred hosting provider here is
There are a couple of reasons for that:

  1. It is #1 Choice of the all most every blog writer and with obvious reasons.
  2. Bluehost is giving such great features for WordPress Installation and Management like one click WordPress Install, in-built website cache and seo optimization tools, pre installed login security plugin and so on.
  3. Get Great support 24/7 any time using Chat/Phone/Email and Support Ticket System
  4. Create unlimited Email with your brand name like [email protected]
  5. 30 Days Money Back Guarantee.
  6. Very affordable Only $3/- per month.
  7. Free SSL Certificate to make your website more trust worthy.

Here is the Registration Process with Bluehost:
(Note: if you already have a domain name and hosting, you can skip this part)

Go to Bluehost

Use our link to get Discount on your first purchase: go to Bluehost. and Click on Get Started Green Button.

Bluehost Get Started Page
Bluehost Get Started Homepage

Choose a Hosting Plan

Now after clicking Get Started Button you will see the following screen with different hosting plans choose one as per your need.

Choose Bluehost Shared Hosting Plan
Bluehost Shared Hosting Plans

If you are new to creating a blog should go with basic plan it has everyting which we need to create blog.
Yes all other plans are also great but if you are new you don’t need more resources right now basic is enough to getting started your blog, once you get more traffic you can upgrade your plan anytime in a single click.
So before investing more money on new stuff go with basic.

Choose you Domain Name

No time to think before register domain domain should be relevant to your business, topic or you can use on your name domain so it can be used ad personal blog.

Register and Sign up Now For Bluehost
Register Domain Bluehost

In case you already have a domain name and want to use that on Bluehost hosting space add your domain name in “Use a domain you own” text box and click next.
Also first box “Create a New Domain” it self says create new domain using .com extension you can change extension using dropdown box provided next after textbox, here you just need to put your domain name and if available click next.

Fill Your Personal Details

Once you choose your domain and if it is available you will redirected to the following screen.
Here you need to provide your personal details like name, address, email, phone and finalize payment.

Create Your Account Bluehost
Create Your Account Bluehost

Account Information
All fields are well explained itself like (Optional), * Required Field, First Name, Last Name, Email to use as communication purpose with you.
Package Information
Check if you selected package is right if not make it correct first. If you select more time duration you get more discount.
Package Extras
Package Extras is addons for your domain and hosting like it includes

  • Domain Privacy Option (Hide your domain registration details from others)
  • SiteLock Security – Find (Add extra security for your blog or website)
  • Codeguard Basic (Automatic Backups for your blog or website)
  • Bluehost SEO Tools Start (Search Engine Optimization tools from Bluehost)
  • 1 Office 365 Mailbox – 30 Day Free Trial

All above are optional paid and free extra addons features which may not required if you are new.
Payment Information
The final section in account creation is Payment Information add your Credit/Debit card details here and complete your purchase with clicking submit button make sure you check Bluehost Privacy Policy checkbox before submit your details.

Bluehost Purchase Success Screen
Bluehost Purchase Success Screen

Hurry! Your Purchase is done now move forward to next step.
Bluehost Password
After completing purchase with Bluehost you will get confirmation email from Bluehost to registered email in this email you will get confirmation link you just need to click on it and set your password.

Step 3 Login & Install WordPress

Now login to your Bluehost account you can see blue button (WordPress) on your dashboard click on it Okey, You done!

Bluehost Website Setup Screen
Bluehost Website Setup Screen

(NOTE): After domain registration it may take up to 10 minutes until that you can see some random domain name which replaced with your domain once registration process is done but still you can install WordPress using current Bluehost domain.

Step 4 Setup WordPress Settings

After installing WordPress you will get your blog backend access details and two links one (Your blog homepage), (Your blog Backend Dashboard), Click on and fill login form with provided access details on WordPress install screen.

WordPress Dashboard
WordPress Dashboard

You got your WordPress most think are automatically completed now you need to do some settings by your self as per your requirement.
General Settings:
General Settings is the setting which you much check before do anything by going Settings -> General

Settings General Options WordPress
Settings -> General Screen WordPress

Here you can change your site title, tagline, administrator email address set if visitors can register on your website or not.
Search Engine Visibility
Make sure your website is indexable to different search engines like Gooogle, Bing etc.
For that you need to go to Settings -> Reading as shown in below screenshot and check checkbox with name “Discourage search engines from indexing this site” is unchecked.
It setting is important because it will decide if your site listed on search engines or not.

Reading Settings WordPress
Settings -> Reading Screen

This is the most important setting in terms of SEO because this setting will how look your each individual URLs and this is one time setting you can’t change this settings after creating huge amount of content it can harm your SEO and website rank.
So make sure what URL structure do you wan’t for your website.
To set this setting go to Settings -> Permalinks.

Permalink Settings Top Tech Advice WordPress
Settings -> Permalinks Settings WordPress

I recommend “Post name” as pointed in above screenshot very user friendly and Google too.

Step 5 Choose Theme (Design)

Here is the decision time how your blog look, most confusing part? let’s make it simple don’t worry much about design doesn’t matter whenever you have great content.
Yes it is important part of the any blog that it should look unique but not that hard part that can effect your blog readers because if your content has quality and uniqueness it is enough for your readers.
You can change your website design at any time in just single click by going Appearance -> Themes.
Once you land on Themes page you can see already installed themes there is Button at the Top (Add New) if you click on that you can see the unlimited themes straight to WordPress Repository ready to direct use in a single click.

Find cheap premium WordPress themes

Add Themes - Top Tech Advice WordPress
Appearance -> Themes -> Add Themes Screen WordPress

Here you can filters which can be used to filter themes like if you click popular you get themes list which are most “popular” now days and getting maximum installs all over the world.
Now you have thousands of theme in your dashboard you just need to choose your suitable theme and click install once theme get installed you can see activate button click on that button it is that easy to change your blog design.
Blog Customization
So many themes comes with so many ready to use features like menu style, layout style, widgets settings and much more using these settings you can change your blog’s look and feel using your mouse pointer.
Theme customization you find from Appearance -> Customize

WordPress Blog Theme Customizer Twenty Twenty
WordPress Blog Theme Customizer Twenty Twenty

Theme options depends on theme which you select we selected WordPress Twenty Twenty theme it hase following options:

  • “Site Identity” – Here you can set your site title, site tagline, site logo, ratina logo and site icon (favicon).
  • “Colors” – Using colors option you can change website background color, header & footer background color and primary color which applies on Links and Buttons of the website.
  • “Theme Option” – Display/Hide header search icon, change blog display style it can be full text or post summery.
  • “Cover Template” – Set post page featured image as Parallax effect, set featured image overlay background color, set featured background text overly color, set featured background opacity.
  • “Background Image” – Set background image for the website.
  • “Menus” – Create menu, choose menu to display location there is 5 menu location available in Twenty Twenty theme (Desktop Horizontal Menu, Desktop Expanded Menu, Mobile Menu, Footer Menu, Social Menu).
  • “Widgets” – Add widgets to display in footer section.
  • “Homepage Settings” – Here you can set custom home page or default post listing as homepage.
  • “Additional CSS” – It is something for the developer use if have CSS/HTML knowledge you can add custom css here to apply on frontend.

Step 6 Add your content

After completing above steps you are ready to start creating content for your website/blog.
If you are creating blog you may need some basic pages these are not much needed it just a to increase your website/blog credibility.

  • Blog – This is the page where your all post lands actually Blog page is the default page created by WordPress.
  • About – Here you can add all your career details, product details, purpose of the website/blog, who you are, how you work etc every details which you think visitors may know about.
  • Contact – You can add contact page with form or just provide your email,phone and address details so visitors can contact you regarding your content or business.
  • Services / Products – Create page if you are offering products or services to your visitors add details for the same so readers know about your brand.
  • Testimonials – If you can ask for written feedback to your current clients who already using your product or service and add here in the website/blog so other people get better idea about your brand.
  • Portfolio – Your past/current product, service, project or anything which you hed done here you can display.

Add New Page
I think beginners will have some question about creating content in WordPress.
We are lucky we have WordPress which gives very easy process to create page or post.
To create page go to Pages -> Add New. Here you can see following screen and can start creating your first page.

Add New Page - WordPress
Add New Page – WordPress

Add your page title and description and click on “Publish” to make it public or you can save as draft whenever you complete page.
Add New Blog Post
You can add new blog post from Posts -> Add New. Here you can see same screen like page creation main deference is once you publish your post you can see on your homepage or blog in case of page you need to add in a menu also you can’t select template for blog post but you can create category and tags for the post in case of page you can’t.
Create Menu
By default you don’t any menu created but you can see your page automatically displayed as menu item in header part which is automatically created menu by WordPress but if you want change menu it is very easy to create by using WordPress drag and drop menus screen.

Menus Default Screen — WordPress
Menus Default Screen — WordPress

You can see in above scree we landed on Menus screen from Appearance -> Menus market with red arrow where you will add your menu name it can be anything alpha-numeric once.

Create Menu Screen — WordPress
Create Menu Screen — WordPress

Let create our first menu above screen shows number I will explain what those number is now:

  1. Home – Home is auto generated link by WordPress which you can see in pages tab just check and click on Add to Menu button.
  2. Sample Page – this is also default page created by WordPress you can select as menu.
  3. Uncategorized – default post category generated by WordPress which you can select from category tab if you create new post category it will appear here and you can select as your menu item.
  4. Hello World – default post generated by WordPress which I used as Menu item for demo purpose only to display you can use post as menu item.
  5. Custom Link – we can see custom link tab in left sidebar when you click on that link you get 2 text boxes first for custom link second for menu item text add both value and click on Add to Menu button your custom link is ready to display in your menu.
  6. Display Location – you can create multiple menu but at same time and same location you can display only one menu for other menu you can set different location like you can see there is 5 menu locations each location can have different menu.
  7. Save Menu – final and important step save your menu. That’s it.
WordPress Menu
WordPress Menu

Blog Sidebar & Footer
To change your blog sidebar and footer go to Appearance -> Widgets.

WordPress Widgets Screen
WordPress Widgets Screen

Here you can see we have only 2 Sidebar sections “Footer #1” and “Footer #2” it depends an theme it can be more like sidebar section.
In left hand side all are different widgets drag and drop any widget from left and side to “Footer #1” or “Footer #2” and set option as per selected widget once save widget go to your website frontend and refresh you can see in the footer your widget data.
Same for the sidebar settings there will be a section where you can drag and drop widgets from left hand side.
WordPress is fully packaged blogging platform which come with all basic required features for any blog but if you can add more cool feature using plugins section some useful plugins listed below.

  • Contact Form 7 create contact form and add shortcode in to the your contact us page
  • Autoptimize to improve your website/blog loading speed.
  • Yoast SEO great SEO plugin to improve your website SEO comes with xml sitemap which you can submit on Google Search Console.
  • Ultimate social media icons to add social sharing button in your posts and pages.
  • Jetpack plugin by WordPress very useful plugin with free and paid modules which can be activate or deactivate as per your requirement.

Yes, I recommend those plugins for your blog or website I use in my each website these plugins.

Here we go! Congratulation You completed your first blog.

Yes it is definitely possible there is so many things are left but because this is just for beginners guide we covered all basic steps to create a blog. We covered here Blog Platform, Hosting Selection, WordPress Installation process with Bluehost, WordPress Theme Change and Customization, Creating a content, Menu, Setting up Sidebar and essential plugins.
Did this guide assist you with setting up your WordPress blog? Okay be keen on a nitty gritty manual for beginning with blogging in WordPress? On the off chance that you have any inquiries or need assistance with a stage, kindly don’t stop for a second to ask us in the comment section beneath!

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